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About IKS

IKS - Interactive Knowledge Stack is an Integrating Project part-funded by the European Commission. It started in January 2009 and will provide an open source technology platform for semantically enhanced content management systems.

Vision - Workplan - FAQ

Key Activities

  • Building an Open Source Semantic framework to work with any CMS
  • Will use latest semantic standards and open source content enrichment tools
  • Collaboration between Academia and Industry
  • Brings different CMS providers together for one goal

IKS UI/X Challenge Winners

Videos, slides and pictures of IKS community workshops and development events

IKS is looking for CMS vendors/providers willing to become early-adopters

IKS Grant for 40 CMS Willing to Adopt Semantic Technology 

As IKS moves from requirements specification to design and prototypes of the interactive knowledge stack, more and more software components are becoming available for testing and validation.

IKS Early adopters.jpg

The Early Adopter grants are in the region of 5000 to 7000 Euro.

Here is how the IKS Early Adopter Scheme works: 

HomeAbout - Contract - Participants - Validation

IKS Software Projects


Apache Stanbol

Apache Stanbol (currently in incubation) is an open source modular software stack and reusable set of components for semantic content management. The idea is to extend traditional content management systems with (internal or external) semantic services. Additionally, Apache Stanbol let's you create new types of content management systems with semantics at their core.

Overview - Development Site - Demos 


VIE and VIE Widgets

The objective of VIE is to ease the development of semantic web applications on the user interaction level by encoding knowledge about the content directly in the content to allow the user interface to know how to deal with different parts of the content.

Overview - Development Site - Demos 

News and events


Discuss all questions related to IKS on the general mailinglist or joint directly the development lists.

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Engage with the IKS community

How to contribute

How you can contribute to making IKS better:

  • Contribute by sharing your needs, requirements, and suggestions
  • Participate on the mailing list discussions
  • Test your Open Source CMS system against IKS' benchmarks
  • Come to the workshops
  • Spread the word about IKS


  • Software projects: We are developing Apache Stanbol and VIE to bring semantic capabilities to content management systems
  • User stories: We are collecting user stories which are three-line descriptions of semantic challenges for content management.

Policies and guidelines