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 Early Adoption and Validation Proposal

Open Ximdex Evolution SL wants to integrate Apache Stanbol text enrichment engine services into Ximdex Semantic CMS as a complement of the current engine based on the service Zemanta and semantic technologies for manual and automatic recognition (and annotation).

The main proposal is providing Ximdex's WYSIWG Editor, aka ximedit, with semantic tools for enriching textual contents introduced by editor users, through Apache Stanbol Enhancer, a RESTFul engine that, as its own name says, can enhance textual content.

Ximedit provides a section for including external references on the document. This section will receive related content from Apache Stanbol and will allow users to automatically enrich their documents. Zemanta directly provides with images/links/references based on the analysis of the contents the user is editing, while Apache stanbol will provide with automatic annotations for persons, companies and places. During the project, we will evaluate if we choose one or both engines in next Ximdex WYSIWYG Editor versions.

Furthermore, we will prove VIE project integrating some RDF annotations in ximedit.


  • User creates or edits an existing document using ximedit.
  • User clicks on '”Load” in “External References” button in ximedit.
  • System queries Apache Stanbol Enhancer for related content of the current information in Web Editor.
  • System shows user a tab from each source containing related information about the document.
  • User selects references (organized on images, links and articles) from sources and add them to the original document, enriching it.

Note: We will integrate in ximedit the possibility of incorporate RDF annotations. We will see if we do it as a automatic or manual process.


Interested users will try online demo at Ximdex and Stanbol integration website.
A video demo will be available showing the integration and the co-benefits of IKS and Ximdex integration.
Users may download current module's source code.


By controlling better the annotation process, Ximdex WYSIWYG Editor should provide better results for content enrichment thanks to Stanbol Integration.

Also should offer a better response time than current Zemanta engine.

Planned Tasks

  • Installation and configuration of Apache Stanbol.
  • Installation and configuration of Vienna IKS Editables
  • Development of a Ximdex Client for retrieving text enrichment from Apache Stanbol.
  • Development of a Merger for Zemanta and Stanbol results.
  • Development of Manual or Automatic RDFa integration on ximedit.
  • Integration and performance tests.
  • Setup of project website and github project for the code.
  • Documentation and integration conclusions.
  • Setup of online demo and screencast.

Online Demo

Ximdex will provide an experimental online demo of Web Editor using Apache Stanbol engine on the official Ximdex Website.


Ximdex is a semantic CMS with well known customers in Spain. The use of IKS technologies will spread IKS visibility among them.
In addition, on the Community Area of Ximdex website all the information about this project in cooperation with IKS and its results will be collected, to help expanding the knowledge of IKS project.
Last, the integration of VIE will create first VIE integration on Early Adopters program from IKS project.

Performance of Contract

  • Start of contract 15th May 2011
  • IKS component for validation is Apache Stanbol & VIE
  • Demonstrated at Paris Workshop 5-6 July 2011
  • Demo system available online 31 July 2011
  • Validation interview in September 2011
  • End of Contract 15th October 2011
  • Total remuneration for this contract is - 6500 Euro.