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IKS Salzburg Event

Date: 12-13 June 2012. Location: Salzurg, Austria.

Join us in Salzburg to see what open source linked data and advanced semantic applications can offer your enterprise/content management system.

Travel and Accommodation support is available

Send message to John Pereirato confirm your seat. 

Scope of Event

The benefits of linked data and advanced semantic applications have been documented in many different articles and research papers, and many companies are adopting some form of semantic web technology to solve IT problems or extend their feature list. The question whether to become an early adopter or follower is still open to debate, and nowhere is this more relevant than in enterprise content management.


This event is hosted at the beautiful Schloss Leopoldskron in Salzburg, Austria. 

What you can expect to see and learn at this event:
  • value of including semantics in your business
  • overview of semantic enabled technologies: Promise vs. Already in use
  • demonstration of tools for creating your own semantic enabled business
  • showcase of industry application scenarios - where are the markets?
  • market adoption use cases: return on investment assessment
  • access to a network of developers and users.


  • Day 2 - SEMANTIC TECHNOLOGIES explained
  • Days 3&4 (Optional) Developer days - Hack4Stanbol&VIE

Who should attend?
For CIOs IT Managers and developers who want to learn about how semantic technologies will change the way information is managed and consumed. Move ahead of your competition by getting involved in a project that is defining future standards in information and content management. This event is also an excellent opportunity to meet with other CIOs and IT Managers to discuss how information will be managed in the future.

The Facts:

Date: TUES-WED, 12-13 June, 2012 --- (Start: Tuesday, 9 a.m --> Close: Wednesday, 6 p.m)
Location: Leopoldskron, Salzburg Austria
Register: Please contact John Pereira

Directions to Venue:

Accommodation Suggestions:

Villaverde (single rooms per night 60 Euro, twin room 90 Euro)
Guest House Eva Maria (bed and breakfast single rooms per night 80 Euro, twin room 100 Euro)
Hotel Via Roma (single rooms per night 120 Euro, twin room 160 Euro)

Explore for yourself at Salzbug City Hotels

Workshop Agenda


The technology on show will demonstrate the following functionalities:

  • Natural Language Processing and Automatic Content Analysis
  • Automatic or assisted Semantic Enhancement and indexing of unstructured data
  • Automatic linking and metadata enrichment according to industry standards such as, etc.
  • Advanced search and sorting of enriched and linked datasets
  • Automatic categorization of content
  • Improved and novel user interaction with semantically enriched content
  • Connecting Stanbol to content repositories (JCR, CMIS)

Download Workshop Flyer


This day provides a practical walk through of the IKS tools with a focus on how they can be used to build advanced semantic applications that provide more intelligent extraction, linking and interaction with content. You will be introduced to the Apache Stanbol Components which are designed to extend traditional content management systems with (internal or external) semantic services.

Targeting the front-end you will be introduced to VIE and VIE Widgets - Novel Interaction with Enhanced Content which is designed to ease the development of semantic web applications on the user interaction level. VIE in the version 1.0 concentrates on the development of decoupled Content Management Systems based on semantic annotations on a web-page.

Who should attend?

We are expecting an audience who wants to improve their content management systems with semantic capabilities. IT managers can see how IKS Components can be useful for their system, through concrete technical examples. To analyze various integration points with their existing content managements systems, we also strongly encourage senior developers to attend so that they get an overview of the underlying technologies of Apache Stanbol and the VIE components. Attending this session will also help developers decide on what to do during the development sessions to be held the following day

Tuesday, 12 June 2012


9:30 - 10:00

Welcome to IKS Workshop

10:00 - 10:45

Apache Stanbol and VIE Roundtrip

Presenter: Fabian Christ University of Paderborn

  • What is Apache Stanbol and VIE, how do they work together?
  • What is structured and unstructured content? 
  • Explain information extraction and enhancement? 
  • How is my content tagged with linked data - what is the added value?
  • How can my users interact with the enhanced/linked content - what is the added value?

Download Presentation

10:45 - 11:30

Keynote: Alan Pelz-Sharpe

The Enterprise Search Market - What should be on your Radar?

Download Presentation

Alan Pelz-Sharpe is Research Director, 451 Research, a leading analyst firm. Though currently spending time writing a book on why IT projects fail, his past research has primarily covered Enterprise Information technologies and practices.

Formerly he was a Strategist & Practice Leader at Indian IT giant Wipro and prior to that VP North America for Industry Analyst firm Ovum. Alan is recognized as a world expert on enterprise information management issues.

He has published numerous papers and articles on these topics, and is the co-author of the book Web Content Management: Strategies, Technologies and Markets (published in 2000). A book credited as being of seminal importance in the emergence, and for the identity, of this industry sector. He was the co-designer of the ECM3 open source maturity model, and is an advisor to the British Standards Institutes (BSI) forthcoming specification for ECM.

Alan’s work encompasses research and one to one advisory engagements, primarily with globally focused enterprises. Over the years he has worked as an advisor to the US, UK, Australian and Singapore Governments, along with private sector organizations such as ThyssenKrupp, CreditSuisse, GSK, AstraZeneca and Nokia.

Alan is often quoted in, and writes for, the trade and business press, and regularly gives keynote speeches across the US, Europe and Asia retaining high profile within the Information Management industry.

Twitter: @AlanPelzSharpe

11:30 - 12:30


IKS early adopters demonstrate and talk frank about the benefits and challenges of bringing semantic technologies/functionalities to their enterprise.

  1. Zaizi, Semantic Search Tools on Alfresco Download Presentation
  2. InsideOut10, Content discovery and Content marketing for the enterprise market with WordPress Download Presentation
  3. Netzmuehle, Product Recommendation - eCommerce Download Presentation
  4. Etcware, Automatic metadata enrichment - SKOSware + Liferay Download Presentation
  5. Alkacon Software GmbH, OpenCms Acasia-Editor Download Presentation
12:30 - 13:30
13:30 - 14:15

Keynote: Kristian Norling, Findwise

Kristiannorling small.jpg
Improve your user's Enterprise Search Experience
Kristian works at Findwise an enterprise search consultancy. Previously, Kristian has been working with intranet and internet portals and websites in many different roles, each with its own challenges.

Download Presentation

Starting out as an non-techie communications officer, where the web was only one of many communication channels ending up as an IT strategist trying to forecast what role web technology will play in Region Västra Götaland 5-10 years from now. Combining that with practical hands-on work, by launching usable services today.

In between these seemingly different aspects of intranet/internet use Kristian has been working as a communications manager, project manager, infomaster and webmaster. Always seeing web technology as an enabler for making everyday work in the organisation just a little better, step by step.Early on Kristian realized that web standards made the web based services of yesterday work in today’s and tomorrows browsers. In recent years his interest in web standards has spread to providing findability with the help of metadata, semantics and better usability and spreading the work of his organisation as Open Source.
Twitter: @kristiannorling,!/kristiannorling

14:15 - 15:30


IKS early adopters demonstrate and talk frank about the benefits and challenges of bringing semantic technologies/functionalities to their enterprise.

  1. CELI, Human Resources Management Download Presentation
  2. Object've, Automatic Content Generation, Blogging
  3. NUXEO, Topic Classification for News Agencies Download Presentation
  4. Oofee, Europeana Entity Management
  5. Verinote, Community Drupal Module
15:30 - 16:30


Leading experts discuss:

  • value of including semantics in your business
  • semantic enabled technologies: Promise vs. Already in use
  • market adoption return on investment assessment

The participating experts are:

  1. Yousef Elbes, World Health Organisation
  2. Alan Pelz-Sharpe Research Director, 451 Research
  3. Sebastian Schaffert, Linked Media Framework,
  4. Francois-Paul Servant, Renault

Moderated by IKS Project Co-ordinator Wernher Behrendt

17:00 - 18:00


  • Share your questions - something unclear or not answered - raise it now
  • Share your ideas - 5 minute lighting talks to spread ideas and build relationships

This is a free forming session only rules: be relevant, be respectful and be genuine. 

"Sadit” (Who said it?) A Facebook Game for the Semantic Web A Facebook game based on Apache Stanbol and sentiment analysis Sadit Facebook Apache Stanbol Game

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

10:00 - 10:30

Welcome to Day 2

10:30 - 11:15

Keynote Speaker: Danny Ayers 

Emerging Enterprises = Linked Data + Semantic Solutions

Danny Ayers is an independent researcher and developer of Web technologies, primarily those related to linked data. He has worked on many Semantic Web-related projects over the years, as well as contributing to 10 books on programming and the Web. He has been involved in various specification working groups, notably that of the Atom Syndication format. He has been blogging for around 10 years ( Originally from the UK, he now lives in rural Tuscany with two dogs and two cats.

11:15 - 12:30


Download Presentation

  • Trends in content editors - seamless editing experience
  • Building intuitive UI applications
  • Learn how to reduce complexity, reduce forms/lists and provide users with UI interaction they understand
  • Learn how to support users curate enterprise data

VIE & VIE Widgets Demos
VIE aemoo
Autotagger VIE Palsu
Annotate.js Proggis
Image Widget Hallo Editor
VIE.autocomplete VIE-eHealth
Terkait Blogsiple
Annotate.js Bookmarklet
12:30 - 13:30 LUNCH BREAK
13:30 - 16:00

"Under the hood" of IKS - free form Q & A & Demo

Apache Stanbol
Enhancer / Enhancement Engines
Topic Classification Apache Stanbol Engine
Rules and Reasoners
Ontology Manager
CMS Adapter
Entityhub and Enhancement Chains
Contenthub and (eHealth Screencast)

16:30 - 17:00


(Optional) 14-15 June 2012 Hack4Stanbol&VIE

"IKS Installation and Hacking"

For those who would like to fast track adoption we have installation and hacking camps following the official workshop on the premises of Salzburg Research. Here you will learn about, install and run IKS technology. It is all about getting IKS running with your CMS. It is a hands-on workshop for developers with face-to-face support from the IKS development team to integrate IKS in their own CMS stacks. Participants will be provided with a basic IKS "Starter Kit" package to avoid letting developers start from a blank page. The goal of the day is to have developers go home with working prototype(s). So Bring your CMS, Meet the IKS developers, and get IKS running with your CMS! There will be plenty of IKS developers on hand to support and share ideas.

Parallel workshops will be available for developers to exchange ideas and experience on how best to apply IKS technology. And if we are lucky then maybe there will code being produced and shared. These workshops are free forming based on the teams and interest. However, they will be organized under two main categories, namely: Apache Stanbol Components and VIE & VIE Widgets.

Visit Hack4Stanbol&VIE wiki pagefor further details. Please state at workshop registration if you intend to participate in this hackathon event

Workshop Participants