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"Unleashing the Power of Semantic Data - Today"

In this workshop we demonstrate the value of using IKS semantic enhancement tools in today's Content Management Systems. The demonstrations are a mix of ready to install IKS software and more experimental advanced semantic applications that show how your system can benefit from more intelligent extraction and linking of content services. 

Because we learn more from watching others work with our tools, we have asked a select group of IKS Early Adopters to demo their systems running with IKS software. So on the first day there are four sessions demonstrating IKS semantic enhancement software in use, starting with the Dynamic Semantic Publishing use case for the Media and Press industry with Entity Hub Syndication, followed by Search Engine Optimisation by leveraging the Google's Rich Snippets service, and then an example of authoring content with a rich editor (Aloha) supported by semantic add-ons, and finally a look at how IKS can be used as an Enterprise ready Linked Open Data infrastructure for your CMS. We also take this opportunity to show-off our plans to take IKS to Apache, and explain why this is a good thing - for all. 

On the second day, it is all about getting IKS running with your CMS. It is a hands-on workshop for developers with face-to-face support from the IKS development team to integrate IKS in their own CMS stacks. The demos from day one are coupled to a practical integration workshop on the second day. These integration workshops are lead by the IKS core developer/s who will help you integrate the technology into your own CMS with small, practical use cases which could then serve as working demonstration prototypes. Participants will be provided with a basic IKS "Starter Kit" package to avoid letting developers start from a blank page. The goal of the day is to have developers go home with working prototype(s)

So Bring your CMS, Meet the IKS developers, and get IKS running with your CMS!

Target Audience:

  • Thursday we welcome Senior Developer/Architect/Product Marketing Managers of small to medium CMS companies and CMS project managers, CIOs of CMS customer organizations. Objective for the day "Learn how to make your CMS Smarter!".
  • Friday we welcome Senior Developers/Architects of small to medium CMS companies and integrators, who want practical assistance with integrating IKS based services with their own CMS. Objective for the day "Get IKS running with your CMS!"

The Facts:

Date: THU-FRI, 9-10 December, 2010 --- (Start: Thursday, 11 a.m --> Close: Friday, 5 p.m)

Location: Felix Meritis Center, Amsterdam (Room: Teekenzaal)

Register: Please contact John Pereira

Promote event: Press Release Link - German press release

Accommodation: Hotels near Felix Meritis  - IKS Team at NH Hotel 

Thursday, December 09, 2010

IKS Tools for the Semantic Enhancement of Content. Learn how to make your CMS Smarter! 

Time Topic Speaker/s
11:00 -12:00                                    Welcome and Introductory Note

John Pereira & Fabian Christ

13:00 - 13:30

DEMO 1: Integrating IKS

A use case from the News Industries (IKS and Nuxeo DM): Dynamic Semantic Publishing for the Media and Press industry with Entity Hub Syndication.


Check out screencast 

Stefane Fermigier, Olivier Grisel, Nuxeo
13:30 - 14:00

DEMO 2: Semantic Editor

What is semantic Editing? The HTML5 editor ALOHA and its semantic plugin. Integrated in Midgard CMS. Semantic editing working demo within Gentics CMS.

Henri Bergius, Midgard and Haymo Meran, Gentics

14:00 - 14:50

DEMO 3: Early Adopters showcase First Results

How Early Adopters have used IKS components

(10 minutes presentation each)

  1. Salsadev (SD API 2.0 intgerated with FISE)
  2. Klein & Co (Plone integration)
  3. Zaizi (Alfresco integration)
  4. Sourcesense (Confluence/FISE integration) (Screencast)
  5. Quinscape (FISE OpenSAGA Integration)

Moderated by

John Pereira, Salzburg Research

                Half-hour Coffee Break and Networking
15:20 - 15:40

DEMO 4: SEO with Google Rich Snippets

Snippets from the IKS Lab: Practical Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) by automated re-factoring heterogeneous linked open data to e.g. Google Rich Snippets

Valentina Presutti, Andrea Nuzzolese, STLab CNR

Sebastian Germesin,


15:40 - 16:00

DEMO 5: Integrating IKS with Linked Open Data

Snippets from the IKS Lab: An Enterprise-ready Linked Open Data Infrastructure

Rupert Westenthaler, Salzburg Research
16:00 - 16:20

Roadmap: IKS Goes Apache

IKS moving to Apache

Bertrand Delacretaz, Day Software / Adobe
16:20 - 17:00

Tutorial: Integrating IKS into CMS Stacks

Tutorial on the IKS Alpha Stack and discussing integration paths for IKS in CMSs

Olivier Grisel, Nuxeo

Friday, December 10, 2010

Bring your CMS, Meet the IKS developers, and get IKS running with your CMS!

10:00 -17:00 Hands on: How to Integrate IKS technologies into my CMS?

The second day will provide hands-on workshop sessions for CMS developers, geared towards getting IKS running with third party solutions. These integration workshops will be led by the IKS core development team, who will help participants to integrate the technology into their own CMS. We will develop small, practical prototypes for demonstration in your own CMS. Participants will be provided with a basic IKS "Starter Kit" package to avoid developers having to start from a blank page. The goal of the day is to have developers go home with these working prototypes.

The following software designers and senior developers from IKS will be available:

  • Olivier Grisel, Stefane Fermigier (Nuxeo)
  • Rupert Westenthaler (Salzburg Research)
  • Henri Bergius (Nemein)
  • Bertrand Delacretaz (Day Software / Adobe)
  • Fabian Christ (s-lab Paderborn University)
  • Andrea Nuzzolese (STLab CNR)
  • Walter Kasper (DFKI)
  • Sebastian Germesin (DFKI)

Getting the source code and pre-built binaries

Early adopters who plan to attend the workshop are invited to experiment with the current state of the IKS software by checkouting the code from this tag:

 svn checkout

A prebuilt version of the FISE software is available here:

To start the server on your local machine run:

 $ java -jar eu.iksproject.fise.launchers.lite-0.9-20101022.jar -p 8080

and then point your browser to http://localhost:8080 . Further details on how to use fise are available here:

Please join the fise mailing list to ask questions, report bugs or discuss new features or integration use cases:

Workshop registration

If you are interested in this workshop, please contact John Pereira. There is a small budget available to support participants with the travel and accommodation costs associated with attending (if required) - please contact John Pereira directly for further information.  

Participants List 

IKS Invited Guests
  1. Stephane Gamard (Salsadev)
  2. Stephane Croisier (Jahia)
  3. Arje Cahn (OneHippo)
  4. Ard Schrijvers (OneHippo)
  5. Paul Borgermans (eZ Systems)
  6. Rudy van Herpt (Sitecore)
  7. Aingaran Pillai (Zaizi)
  8. Ezequiel Foncbuierta (Zaizi)
  9. Tommaso Teofili (Sourcesense)
  10. Jens Klein (BlueDynamics)
  11. Richard Backhouse (Jadu)
  12. Dirk Haun (Geeklog)
  13. Jean-Francois Hovinne (WYMeditor)
  14. Martin Dow (Acuity Unlimited/Fedora)
  15. Steve Bayliss (Acuity Unlimited/Fedora)
  16. Antonio De Marinis (European Environment Agency)
  17. Encolpe Degoute (Quadra)
  18. Juan Prieto (Ximdex)
  19. Pablo Gomez (Ximdex)
  20. Andreas Kuckartz (for OpenSAGA and Quinscape)
  21. Dan Joergensen (
  22. Haymo Meran (Gentics)
  23. Norbert Pomaroli (Gentics)
  24. Florent Andre (Apache Lenya)
  25. Laurin Herlt (
  26. Rene Kapusta (evo42

Press Participation

  1. Cyrille Chausson (LeMagIT)
  2. Koen Vervloesem (

IKS Team

  1. Olivier Grisel (Nuxeo)
  2. Stefane Fermigie (Nuxeo)
  3. Rupert Westenthaler (Salzburg Research)
  4. Henri Bergius (Nemein)
  5. Bertrand Delacretaz (Day Software / Adobe)
  6. Andrea Nuzzolese (STLab CNR)
  7. Andreas Gruber (Salzburg Research)
  8. John Pereira (Salzburg Research)
  9. Fabian Christ (s-lab Paderborn University)
  10. Valentina Presutti (STLab CNR)
  11. Walter Kasper (DFKI)
  12. Sebastian Germesin (DFKI)

Results / Discussion

Photos / Presentations 

  1. See the photos from first day of workshop on flickr
  2. See photos from second day of workshop on flickr (thus far)

Blog Posts 

  1. Report from the IKS Workshop in Amsterdam / Dirk Haun - Geeklog 
  2. Wrap up of the IKS Workshop in Amsterdam / Andreas Gruber - Salzburg Research

Results of Hands-on / Development Session (Day 2)

Semantic Enhancement Engines Group

  • Overview of the RESTful API for newcomers
  • Overview / discussion of the roadmap
  • Discussion of asynchronous processing patterns
  • Discussion of the interaction of enhancement engines with the entity hub
  • Discussion of the interaction with a CMS semantic lifting component: CMIS bridge by the SRDC team, Sparql to SQL query translation with D2RQ:

Interaction Layer / Editor Group

  • Decision to hold next hackathon 24-26 February 2011 in Vienna, deveopers from open source editors, from cms developers, who are mainly dealing with UI, are welcome
  • Development roadmap until end of March 2011
  • Work out how IKS will support and contribute to the platform:
  • Create prototypes for interaction using the archtitecture; *initial usecases include:
    • create and use templates for list items, which are connected to a top level element at the example: company and its employees, (add items, change company ...)
    • a pattern/rule to never tag content (automatically) with ambiguous tags, - but keep the full set of possible tags for a content manager

KReS Group

  • Installation of the KReS environment
  • Overview of some services for managing ontology scopes
  • Overview of the syntax for representing rules in KReS
  • Creation of a scopes with a core ontology given Encolpe Degoute (Quadra Informatique)
  • Decision to try to make some refactoring from the fise enhancement to the previous ontology
  • Automatically associate documents to an RDF index. Enrichment of the index with new inferred keywords through patterns and reasoning
  • Discussion on adopting and integration in the KReS mapping system of the Silk2 framework for link discovery . Design the component also as a FISE enhancement engine
  • Use KReS for versioning ontologies and help user for collaborative ontology development
  • Discussion on the introduction of authentication in KReS