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The IKS project has adopted an open communication and development policy to guarantee innovative and relevant results. To support this, IKS will host workshops every six months to consult with CMS vendors, developers and end-users. The workshop themes will concur with the development phases of the project.


IKS Showcasing Event 12-13 June 2012, Salzburg, Austria

Join us in Salzburg to see what open source linked data and advanced semantic applications can offer your enterprise/content management system.


IKS CIO Workshop "Semantic Content =Smart Business", 9 November 2011, Aarhus, Denmark

The IKS CIO Workshop is an exclusive event for CIOs and IT Managers who want to learn about how Smart Content will change the way information is managed and consumed in the future. Move ahead of your competition by getting involved in a project that is defining future standards in information and content management. This exclusive event is also an excellent opportunity to meet with other CIOs and IT Managers to discuss how information will be managed in the future.


"myCMS and the Web of Data" IKS Paris Workshop. 05-06 July 2011, Paris, France

When CMS vendors do not worry about better search then they worry about how their system can provide a complete user experience that merges local and global information seamlessly. Our larger-scale workshop in Paris (100+ participants are expected) will demonstrate how you can handle and merge content from different sources.


IKS Early-adopters Workshop. 09-10 December 2010, Amsterdam, Netherlands

This workshop shows on its first day the progress of the IKS project in developing support for semantic enhancement of content and how CMS technology providers are already using IKS software. The second day is a hands-on workshop for developers to integrate with IKS. You will get face-to-face support from the IKS development team. The motto is: "Bring your CMS".


IKS Early-adopters Workshop. 22-23 June 2010, Salzburg, Austria

This event launches the IKS Early-adopters programme. It will held on 22-23 June 2010 in Salzburg, Austria. The goal is to bring together the first group of CMS vendors who will evaluate the IKS Stack by integrating IKS components of their choice into their CMS technology platform.

Colosseum Rome.jpg

Semantic Search Challenge Workshop, 12-13 November 2009, Rome, Italy

The theme of semantic search emerged from our first IKS workshop in May 2009 as one of the key areas where the project’s participants would like more information. The objective of this second workshop was therefore to provide a clear overview of the state of the art in WORKING semantic search systems, and a better understanding of what IKS should provide to make effective semantic search possible within existing CMS systems.


Requirements Gathering Workshop, 28-29 May 2009, Salzburg, Austria

This workshop provided an open forum for a diverse group of CMS vendors and developers to have their say on semantic requirements for the Interactive Knowledge Stack.