TB Telco Minutes 2012-01-25

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  • Alessandro
  • Alberto
  • Suat
  • Massimo
  • Olivier
  • Rupert
  • Reto


  • Release status Stanbol
  • Release status IKS 6.0
  • State of play in IKS (see email from Wernher 23.01.2012)
    • deliverable submission
    • review presentations
    • do we plan an in-parallel Hackathon?

3P Reports



  • working on terkait further development
  • enhanced VIE doc
  • working on VIE adoption by Ind. partner (form editor with Alkacon)


  • remark: a ".war" installation file for the stanbol component has been reported as an important missing tool for a simple and smooth adoption


  • continuing terkait further development
  • continuing VIE cleaning
  • coordinate with SR and NEMEIN for Demos and Presentation on Review meeting
  • preparing VIE material for Review presentation
  • preparing Review meeting
  • supporting AMI Demo preparation

From Suat


  • Integrating LDPath with the storage and search functionalities of Contenthub
  • Working on Contenthub unit and integration tests


  • None


  • Finish the works listed in Progress for the Stanbol release.
  • Improve the documentation for CMS Adapter and Contenthub
  • Moving Clerezza backend for LDPath to Stanbol commons
  • Preparing an engine bundle (enhancement engine) to extract semantic properties through SPARQL.
  • GUI components for Contenthub-LDPath integration

From CNR


  • Working on the documentation of ontologymanager, reasoners (web interface only) and rules.
  • Solved OWL import declaration bug STANBOL-384 and introduced import management policies
  • Sessions have now fully replaced Session spaces.
  • Committed OntoNet improvements that address the tickets opened by Stephen of Acuity ( STANBOL-422 STANBOL-426 STANBOL-433)
  • Aligned Refactor Enhancement Engine to latest Stanbol snapshot. Basically it has followed the evolution of OntoNet.
  • Removed unused OntoNet dependencies in rules/refactor.
  • Enabled multiple configurations of the Refactor Enhancement Engine via Felix SCR Component Factory.
  • Bugfixing in ontonet and refactor engine


  • A problem about the documentation of the reengineer in the Stanbol site. An email was sent on the list and Fabian replied saying that in the next future we should have a top level topic like "Stanbol Labs" in the documentation.
  • Currently probing for possible co-operative development of virtual directory facility (as an OntoNet use case).


  • Keep improving documentation on Stanbol staging site
  • Complete the interaction with Jena rules via Stanbol rules
  • Integration of link plugin in create.js
  • Finishing the complete integration Rules-Jena.
  • Designing a way to directly import and use Jena and SWRL rules in Stanbol. It's a sort of full-bridge on the three rule languages.
  • Commit vocabulary translator started in Salzburg and use it as a base for a (smaller and more versatile) Refactor engine.
  • Setup a benchmarking system for ontology networks, or integrate with one for benchmarking reasoners
  • Commit default ontology network as ontology registries.
  • Move Explanation component to a development branch
  • OntoNet-based virtual directory facility.
  • Move owl package to commons/owl

From Rupert


  • First Version of Enhancement Chains available
  • EventJobManager supporting EnhancementChains and Async Enhancements
  • User & Developer level Documentation for the new Enhancer features


  • We need to decide how to share the Stanbol URL with Stanbol Components


  • Implementing missing features for EnhancementChains
  • Enabling ASYNC enhancements for existing EnhancementEngines
  • Documentation for Entityhub
  • Providing Feedback for Apache Camel/Stanbol integration

Meeting Summary

  • Deliveralbe Deadline extension: End of Feb 2012
  • Decision to make an Hackathon in the week of the Review (see: http://wiki.iks-project.eu/index.php/IKSDevelopersWorkshopSaarbrücken2012)
  • +1 from the TB to base the technical presentation of the IKS stack at the Review meeting on Adoptions from Industry partner & possible also external adopters. Final decision is by the EB.
    • emphasize integration
    • shows that all major components do have adoption, but shows also that each adoption uses a different set of components
  • Apache Stanbol configuration
    • introduce a "/stanbol" dir in addition to "/sling". All Stanbol related stuff MUST BE in that folder. (suat)
    • activate the Sling File Installer. This will allow to install/uninstall Configurations and Bundles by just adding/removing them to/from this directory. (rupert)
    • Provide a HowTo for Configuring Stanbol based on a use case
  • Discussion of the 3P Reports (see reports above and chat log below)

Chat Log

[25.01.12 14:09:44] Massimo Romanelli: Hackathlon web page: http://wiki.iks-project.eu/index.php/IKSDevelopersWorkshopSaarbrücken2012
[25.01.12 14:15:36] Anticitizen One: D4.2: we need two additional authors to be included: Francesco Antinucci (CNR) and Paolo Ciancarini (CNR, University of Bologna)
[25.01.12 14:17:47] Anticitizen One: we will need review version to be ready about 1 week before deliverable deadline
[25.01.12 14:20:40] retobg: I'm +1 to emphasize integration
[25.01.12 14:20:50] Olivier Grisel: +1 too
[25.01.12 14:21:01] Sebastian Germesin: is some demo integrating the whole stack?
[25.01.12 14:21:19] Rupert Westenthaler: maybe the Stanbol Sling integration from Adobe
[25.01.12 14:21:29] Sebastian Germesin: from my point of view all demos only use parts of the stack, never the whole package
[25.01.12 14:21:53] Anticitizen One: for review: discuss with exec board to choose between

1) showcase single components, and 2) showcase integration, either of the whole stack or by means of Liip, Interact or other early adopters
[25.01.12 14:25:09] Anticitizen One: New stable version of Content Hub integrated with LDpath is coming soon
[25.01.12 14:25:57] Anticitizen One: Interact/InsideOut has expressed interest in using Content Hub to implement faceted search in WordLift 2.0
[25.01.12 14:28:50] Anticitizen One: there could be a hackathon day before the review meeting
[25.01.12 14:28:52] Massimo Romanelli: please register in the hackatlon and review page
[25.01.12 14:28:57] Massimo Romanelli: http://wiki.iks-project.eu/index.php/IKSDevelopersWorkshopSaarbr%C3%BCcken2012 [25.01.12 14:29:03] Massimo Romanelli: http://www.interactive-knowledge.org/content/iks-3rd-review-meeting-march-2012-saarbr%C3%BCcken
[25.01.12 14:31:46] Massimo Romanelli: what now
[25.01.12 14:31:48] Massimo Romanelli: ?
[25.01.12 14:32:00] Massimo Romanelli: iyes
[25.01.12 14:33:11] Massimo Romanelli: thay would have appreciated a configuration part in the war file
[25.01.12 14:33:39] Massimo Romanelli: we can send feedback about it on the wip mailing list
[25.01.12 14:33:52] Olivier Grisel: yes
[25.01.12 14:36:08] retobg: a config howto with minitutorials as answers
[25.01.12 14:36:10] Anticitizen One: we can include configuration tutorials for the components involved in specific use-cases
[25.01.12 14:36:33] Rupert Westenthaler: Description of WeightedChain: http://stanbol.staging.apache.org/stanbol/docs/trunk/enhancer/chains/weightedchain.html
[25.01.12 14:39:38] Anticitizen One: should use $SLING_HOME as a property to store data when using the full-war, like commons.solr does
[25.01.12 14:41:06] Anticitizen One: possibility to configure different directories for Sling and Stanbol
[25.01.12 14:44:48] Rupert Westenthaler: GraphChain http://stanbol.staging.apache.org/stanbol/docs/trunk/enhancer/chains/graphchain.html
[25.01.12 14:46:05] retobg: sortedchain ?
[25.01.12 14:52:40] Massimo Romanelli: I'm here
[25.01.12 14:52:48] Massimo Romanelli: ;-)
[25.01.12 14:56:57] Rupert Westenthaler: Activate Sling File Installer and make sure the install directory is created
[25.01.12 14:58:04] Anticitizen One: consistent walkthrough on configuring many components such as rules, ontonet, entityhub (e.g. using a SKOS vocabulary or IPCT)
[25.01.12 15:00:46] Anticitizen One: user enhances content, gets DBPedia categories and obtains IPTC categories. If he gets a mention of a dbpedia entry, a translation layer gives back the schemaorg/rnews correspondent
[25.01.12 15:07:23] Anticitizen One: commit vocabulary translator (w/ optional reasoner support REST API) as a component of its own, and make the Refactor Engine use it
[25.01.12 15:08:08] Anticitizen One: when the Enhancer chain supports RDF parsing and gets a REST API that consumers multipart, this component can become a link in the chain
[25.01.12 15:08:50] Rupert Westenthaler: http://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/incubator/stanbol/trunk/launchers/full/src/main/resources/resources/config/org.apache.stanbol.enhancer.chain.weighted.impl.WeightedChain-language.config
[25.01.12 15:09:06] Rupert Westenthaler: /enhancer/chain/language
[25.01.12 15:12:28] Rupert Westenthaler: New Contenthub will be committed in the following days
[25.01.12 15:12:36] Rupert Westenthaler: LDPath integration on the way
[25.01.12 15:13:03] Rupert Westenthaler: new Contenthub will allow direct SolrQueries on the semantic index
[25.01.12 15:25:51] retobg has to leave now
[25.01.12 15:30:25] Rupert Westenthaler: CNR is working on Enhancements and Bugfixes for the Refactoring Engine
[25.01.12 15:30:37] Rupert Westenthaler: + optional reasoner support is upcoming
[25.01.12 15:37:32] Anticitizen One: /entityhub/{referenced_site}/ldpath ?
[25.01.12 15:38:38] Rupert Westenthaler: http://dev.iks-project.eu:8081/entityhub/site/dbpedia/ldpath
[25.01.12 15:47:46] Rupert Westenthaler: categories = dc:subject/(skos:broader | ^skos:narrower)+ :: xsd:anyURI;