TB Telco Minutes 2012-01-04

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Before doing IKS 6.0 we would like to have a Stanbol release to be included in 6.0

  • Stanbol release issues:
    • Datasets can not be packaged with Stanbol (license issue)
    • Datasets need to be easily downloadable for users -> Add a download button
    • Olivier is working on topic classification with use feedback (finished end of this week)
    • Reto will create a new release candidate for Clerezza (this will solve SNAPSHOT problems)
    • Fabian will review Stanbol's RAT reports
    • Stanbol documentation should reach a status that makes it reusable in D5.0
  • D5.0 planning
    • The finalized Stanbol docs can be reused within the D5.0.
    • Fabian will review the existing Stanbol docs and point people to missing elements.
    • For D5.0 we need good overview documentation that should also be available in Stanbol.

Release Dates:

  • Release Stanbol end of January
  • Release IKS 6.0 end of February (latest)