TB Telco Minutes 2011-11-25

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  • Enrico
  • Alessandro
  • Massimo
  • Rupert
  • Fabian
  • Bertrand
  • Olivier
  • Suat

3P Reports

From Enrico

  • progress:
    • Finalized Long term operations for the Reasoners module
    • Setup an initial implementation of a Stanbol Commons Jobs module (see [1])
  • perspectives:
    • Improve the Jobs api, discussion is ongoing in the list [2]
    • Adding Jobs to the full launcher (done few minutes ago), looking up jenkin's builds...
    • Start experimenting with Stanbol and the virtuoso adapter, in particular for the reasoners module
    • Improve input providers for reasoners, decoupling them from the base implementation, experiment with new sources

From Sebastian/Massimo

  • Progress
    • Bugfixes and code improvements in VIE
    • enhanced visualisation of interaction widget chrome plugin
    • type specific views in plugin
  • Perspectives
    • enhance chrome plugin (e.g., more type specific detail information, more type specific views, semantic navigation)
    • enhance plugin stability

From Rupert

  • Progress
    • Completed work on new features of stanbol.commons.solr (STANBOL-374, STANBOL-375, STANBOL-377 and STANBOL-380)
    • Added README.md files for DataFileProvider and BundleInstaller plugin for the Apache Sling OSGI installer framework
    • Updated the dev.iks-project.eu to the current version
  • Perspectives
    • Some final things for the commons.solr (Documentation, add utility that allows Whiteboard Pattern based usage of CoreContainer, SolrCores registered now as OSGI services)
    • update to new 1.5.2 openNLP version that now provides OSGI bundles.
    • Stanbol Enhancement Structure
    • all the cool new Ideas that will come up during the developer camp next week!

From Suat

  • progress:
    • Created DBPedia index including properties that Contenthub uses
    • Prepared demo video which can be found at http://vimeo.com/32510850
    • Started work on LDPath integration
    • Implemented Clerezza RDFBackend
  • problems
    • Could not figure out to add necessary system packages to OSGi environment
  • perspectives
    • Work on integration of LMF with Contenthub and issues that may emerge in the meeting

From Fabian

  • Progress
    • Created FactStore bundle list.
    • Added FactStore README
    • Added context information to facts.
    • Work on demo to present FactStore usage scenarios
    • Released IKS 5.2
  • Problems
    • Jenkins: Builds run out of time
  • Perspectives
    • Work documenting and showcasing FactStore
    • Work on FactStore simple reasoning features

Chat Minutes

[14:09:18] Fabian Christ: Jenkins archiving problem: exclude some JARs from the build (launchers)
[14:09:26] Fabian Christ: only full launcher is required for integration test
[14:09:32] *** Fabian Christ hat Alessandro Adamou hinzugefügt ***
[14:14:16] Suat Gonul: muted the mic
[14:14:51] Olivier Grisel: https://builds.apache.org/job/stanbol-trunk-1.6/configure
[14:15:27] Fabian Christ: Olivier will do some experiments with Jenkins exclusions
[14:17:10] Alessandro Adamou: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/STANBOL-384
[14:17:31] Alessandro Adamou: now partially solved due to merging of imported ontologies
[14:20:49] Rupert Westenthaler: http://wiki.iks-project.eu/index.php/IntegrationHackathonSalzburg
[14:23:30] Fabian Christ: Rupert asked to add the demonstrations to the Wiki page
[14:23:49] Rupert Westenthaler: http://wiki.iks-project.eu/index.php/Roadmap
[14:24:59] Fabian Christ: Update IKS roadmap at the GAM
[14:25:14] Fabian Christ: IKS 6.0 will be final release (according to WP)
[14:26:45] Fabian Christ: Decide about stable and in the lab components for 6.0
[14:27:05] Fabian Christ: Improve documentation -> add README files
[14:28:24] Alessandro Adamou: so add README also to child modules
[14:30:55] Fabian Christ: explain usage scenarios on the site (example requests, etc)
[14:32:34] Fabian Christ: explain the objectives of the services -> design goals
[14:33:54] Fabian Christ: maybe explain also what a service is NOT designed for - that may clarify some things and prevent for wrong expectations
[14:37:09] Fabian Christ: provide pre-configured services (e.g. reasoner with pre-defined vocabs) - easy to use for early adopters
[14:38:33] Fabian Christ: key for early adopters is to understand the principle idea of a component in 5 minutes
[14:47:07] Olivier Grisel: dbpedia => http://dev.iptc.org/rNews + schema.org
[14:53:29] Enrico Daga: yes
[14:58:08] Alessandro Adamou: a hybrid?
[15:00:21] Rupert Westenthaler: http://dev.iks-project.eu:8081/solr/default/dbpedia/select?q=Paris
[15:04:52] Rupert Westenthaler: http://dev.iks-project.eu:8081/rdf/default/dbpedia/SPARQL
[15:05:37] Rupert Westenthaler: the second was a proposal ^^
[15:12:38] Fabian Christ: lots of ideas lots of interesting possibilities for Stanbol software emerges - needs more discussion -> focus on documentation first ;)
[15:13:15] Bertrand Delacretaz: Yes - next time we should move these detailed discussions *after* the more high level technical board discussion.
[15:13:23] Bertrand Delacretaz: I do have an additional item about docs BTW
[15:13:31] Olivier Grisel: ok
[15:14:35] Fabian Christ: Bertrand suggest to present one use case really well
[15:15:27] Fabian Christ: More marketing for Stanbol!