TB Telco Minutes 2011-11-09

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  • Enrico
  • Massimo
  • Reto
  • Rupert
  • Sebastian
  • Fabian

3P Reports

From Enrico

  • Progress:
    • implemented clerezza-virtuoso storage adapter (stanbol - data.cnr.it integration)
    • wrote a blog post about reasoning services
    • some advancements on background jobs for reasoning services (see STANBOL-343)
    • prepared some integration tests (online only) for reasoners to test ongoing work on jobs (will commit later on, on a separate module then the common one)
  • Problems:
    • nothing different form the last report, will move them after the Reasoners Jobs API is finished
  • Perspectives:
    • Finish the implementation of the Jobs API for Stanbol Reasoners
    • Implement a dynamic input provider system based on SCR, to support extendable inputs
    • go on integrating stanbol and data.cnr.it

From Sebastian

  • Progress:
    • Implemented type-specific visualization of entities for vie-bookmarklet to be presented at J.Boye Conference
    • Further implementation of Chrome plugin for Stanbol+VIE interaction
    • Submitted blog post for IKS Blog, explaining VIE.
  • Problems:
    • Blog post is still "on hold" for unknown reason.
  • Perspectives:
    • more documentation
    • continue implementation of Chrome plugin
    • preparations for GAM

From Reto

  • Progress:
    • Screencast and blogpost about Sling-Stnabol
    • Some clerezza release preparations
  • Problems:
    • None
  • Perspectives:
    • Use Enhancer with real-world data
    • Find out which other components could be usefull in Sling-Stanbol
    • Release Clerezza

From Rupert

  • Progress:
    • added support for indexing vCard files (with mappings to schema.org)
    • contributed new rdf-json serializer for Clerezza
  • Problems:
    • none
  • Perspectives
    • adding DataFile Tracking functionality to DataFileProvider
    • improvements to the stanbol Solr artifacts (STANBOL-374 to 377)
    • improve annotate.js to support already existing RDFa (e.g. to allow also continuation of an already annotated content)
    • add read-only state to annotate.js (interact with existing Enhancements, but does not change existing content)
    • Preperations for GAM
      • Stanbol Enhancement Structure (Rupert
      • RdfPathLanguage java API (Sebastian Schaffert) - will be ready to give use some time to work on actual implementations before the GAM
      • VIE IE compatibility

From Fabian

  • Progress
    • Fixed FactStore integration tests, add simple GET for a fact by ID
    • Created examples for FactSchemas from schema.org
    • Checked Stanbol code for releaseability and added missing license headers
  • Problems - none
  • Perspectives
    • Improve FactStore docu
    • Work on the Firefox demo (see last report)

Chat Minutes

[14:05:49] Enrico Daga: but +1 for documentation workshop
[14:06:16] Massimo Romanelli: + 1 for documentation session for DFKI
[14:11:10] Fabian Christ: +1 from all to do a documentation workshop at the GAM
[14:13:06] Enrico Daga: tutorial are high level, I guess, so they can be aside the methods part
[14:13:35] Fabian Christ: software documentation is more urgent than methodology documents
[14:14:21] Enrico Daga: I mean we can reuse it for the handbook
[14:14:37] Fabian Christ: focus on John Doe developer with little experience in sem web technologies
[14:15:17] Massimo Romanelli: or the other way round: from handbook to doc
[14:16:13] Fabian Christ: discuss topic at GAM -> workshop
[14:16:26] Massimo Romanelli: we have a tutorial too for VIE in the handbook
[14:21:43] Fabian Christ: hackathons in SRFG offices (3 available)
[14:23:05] Fabian Christ: next TB telco about detailed planning
[14:23:51] Fabian Christ: edit http://wiki.iks-project.eu/index.php/IntegrationHackathonSalzburg