Semantic Editor/Helsinki hackathon 2010

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The first hackathon for the IKS Semantic Editor will be held in Helsinki, Finland.

  • Date: July 26-27 2010
  • Venue: Nemein office on Hietalahdenkatu 8 a 22, Helsinki (map)


  • Getting to know the Aloha codebase
  • Integrating Aloha Editor to your CMS
  • First semantic plugin for Aloha, probably starting with the Google-supported People RDFa ontology to work the SEO angle

...with focus slightly depending on who will be participating.


See the event report blog entry.

  • Norbert gave a introduction to Aloha plugin APIs
  • Sebastian presented potential interactions between the semantic editor and FISE
  • Lunch of traditional fried herring in Salve
  • We wrote convenience methods for Aloha plugin loading
  • Added an "Annotations" tab to Aloha toolbar where we can already insert persons
  • Helsinki sightseeing and a reindeer dinner
  • Developed an Aloha plugin for saving content into Midgard
  • More integration: content edited with Aloha gets saved into Midgard and sent to FISE for enhancements
  • Aloha's RDFa Person plugin now has a sidebar with a form for editing all the properties of the person ontology

What you should know

  • JavaScript and jQuery
  • If you have a CMS, then how that CMS uses its WYSIWYG editor
  • Preferably a bit of RDFa basics

Travel information

  • There are direct flights to Helsinki-Vantaa (HEL) from most major European cities
  • Easyjet flies to Helsinki, and Ryanair flies to Tampere (some 180km north of Helsinki)
  • Omena Hotels has two affordable hotels within walking distance from Nemein's office


We will have room for about 10 people. Please add yourself to the list:

  • Henri Bergius, Nemein, Finland
  • Jerry Jalava, Infigo, Finland
  • Eero af Heurlin, Nemein, Finland
  • Rupert Westenthaler, Salzburg Research, Austria
  • Szaby Grünwald, Salzburg Research, Austria
  • Norbert Pomaroli, Gentics, Austria
  • Sebastian Germesin, DFKI
  • Jesse Vartiainen, Infigo, Finland