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The IKS semantic interaction framework hackathon is dedicated to the design and implementation of a framework for CMS which helps UI and WYSIWYG editor developers exploiting results of semantic technologies and tools in order to develop user interactions based on knowledge in contents.

Target audience

JavaScript Developers and experts interested in semantics and user interfaces, user interaction with content.

Date and Location

February 24th-26th, 2011

Gentics Office, Vienna, Austria (,Vienna,Austria
(The Semantic Interaction Framework hackathon is co-located with the '’Aloha Editor Dev Con. You are invited to participate in both events if interested.)

Background and goals of the hackathon

The Semantic Interaction Framework was initiated in Autumm 2010 by the three IKS partners (Salzburg Research, Nemein, and DFKI) and Gentics, an Austrian CMS provider and Aloha Editor developer.

The basis for the development of the framework is the research agenda of the IKS project and the industrial need of a CMS provider and content editor developer.

  • Interaction patterns (describing various potential interactions with contents),
  • an initial use case (annotating text with entities),
  • an architecture (for the framework, open for various editors and CMS systems),
  • the RDFquery framework (making RDF and RDFa usable with a javascript environment).

The initial code will be open source hosted by IKS at its code  repository, an incubation of the framework as Apache Project is intended.

The goal of the hackathon is to collaboratively develop a framework, that is of use for CMS developers, who want to exploit semantics within their content management systems.

(Preliminary) Agenda

This Hackathon will be loosely based on the principles of Extreme Programming - but its real success depends on the team spirit and willingness to create cool software. So rather than dictate to you an agenda we ask everyone to list their topics of interest below with a short description (keep it simple). The topics will be discussed and goals set for the rest of the meeting.

  • Introductory Statements
    • Welcome (John Pereira)
    • Idea and Architecture for a Semantic Interaction Framework (Rupert Westenthaler, Haymo Meran, Sebastian Germesin)
    • RDFQuery and possible/nessecary extensions (Rene Kapusta)
    • WYSIWYG Editors (Aloha Editor, WYMedit)
  • Simple USE CASES to start with ...
    • Show entities nearby
    • Show what happened with entity in the last five days
    • Navigate along hierarchy (e.g. geo, work breakdown structure)
    • Smart List editing

  • Topics / Technical Details (if participants are interested in more details)
    • Apache Stanbol (Rupert Westenthaler)

Please list additional topics with short descriptions.

<topic> : short description of the idea, comments and 'likes' (+1)


Please add yourself, if you intend to participate the event. It is free, but there is a limited overall number of participants. If you are interested in this workshop, please contact John Pereira. There is a small budget available from the IKS project to support participants with the travel and accommodation costs associated with attending (if required) - please contact John Pereira directly for further information.

  1. Haymo Meran (Italy, twitter, Gentics)
  2. Sebastian Germesin (Germany), DKFI
  3. Szaby Grünwald (Austria) Salzburg Research
  4. Rupert Westenthaler (Austria), Salzburg Research
  5. John Pereira (Austria, community guy, Salzburg Research)
  6. Clemens Prerovsky (Austria, twitter, Gentics)
  7. Benjamin Lupton (Australia, twitter,
  8. Nicolas Karageuzian (France, twitter,
  9. Rene Kapusta (Austria, twitter, evo42)
  10. Henri Bergius (Finland,, Nemein
  11. Thomas Lété (Belgium, twitter,Reaklab)
  12. Romain Carlier (Belgium, Reaklab) - UI developer
  13. Jean-François Hovinne (Belgium) twitter, jfh, WYMeditor
  14. Jonatan Lundin (Sweden) twitter, GithubWYMeditor
  15. Richard D. Worth (USA) twitter,, jQuery UI project lead
  16. Scott González (USA) twitter,, jQuery UI dev lead
  17. Jörn Zaefferer (Germany) twitter,, jQuery UI dev lead
  18. Petro Salema (Tanzania,



Hotel Kärntner Hof, €70-€108 per night, (10min by foot)

Hotel Salzgries, €90-€130 per night, (5min by foot)

Maybe sharing an appartments My Place City Center, €120-€180 per night, (5min by foot)


Hostel Wombat, €15-€50 per night, (20min with metro)

Hostel Youth Place, €17-€50 per night, (20min with metro)


Hackathon images

The main hackathon result was the VIE project to make content on multiple CMSs editable via RDFa. See the Decoupling Content Management blog post for more information.


Decoupling Content Management - Henri Bergius 

"Traditional content management systems are monolithic beasts. Just to make your website editable you need to accept the web framework imposed by the system, the templating engine used by the system, and the editing tools used by the system. Want to have a better user interface? Be prepared to rewrite your whole website, and to the pain of having to migrate content between different storage systems..."

Software code:

1. Vienna IKS Editables (GitHub repository) 
VIE is a utility library for implementing decoupled Content Management systems.

Examples with Aloha and WYMEditor

2. Semantic Interaction Framework (GitHub repository) 

A framework to help CMS UI and WYSIWYG editor developers exploit IKS semantic technologies.