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As a so-called "integrating project" in the European Commission's current research programme, IKS has to deliver a number of things over its 48-months duration. If you are interested in this overall plan, then please go to the IKS Project Plan.

For those of you who are interested in the open source software development, here is the release plan for 2011 and 2012.

  • Release 3.0: M27 (March 2011) from basic infrastructure to supporting create - query - consume - interact
  • Release 4.0: M30 (June 2011) First full research version of IKS
  • Release 5.0: M33 (September 2011) First full developer's version of IKS
  • Release 6.0: M36 (December 2011) Graduation Release of Apache Stanbol with improved IKS developer's version
  • Release 7.0: M42 (June 2012) Developer Edition of IKS including latest release of Apache Stanbol
  • Release 8.0: M48 (December 2012) Community Edition of IKS including latest release of Apache Stanbol

Beyond 2012, IKS will be up to you, the IKS Community: the project's seed funding will be over, the code will live at Apache and we very much hope that you will continue to gain benefit from what the IKS group started, back in early 2008.

Summary: Roadmap for IKS main features in 2011 (draft)
IKS Release 4.0
IKS Release 5.0
IKS Release 6.0



- recognise RDFa in DOM-trees
- inject RDF data into HTML
- persist the RDF via backbone.js


- library of pre-defined schemas (approx 5-9 specific data schemas for some domain)
- uniform connectors for IKS

HALLO:  Semantic editor for
VIE under BSD license
(lead: Nemein/Henri)


  • Merge with VIE^2
  • Ontological support for entities/attributes


  • Will not be part of R5.0 as it functionalities have been merged into VIE. 

Explanation generator:

  • Early backend version with schema matching support (Java API only)


  • Validation of entities, based on the registered ontology
  • Full support of all Apache Stanbol features
  • Integration into Apache Stanbol's default UI


  • 10 - 99 User Interface Widgets to be used on top of VIE

Stanbol Ontology Manager:
- schema & instance mgt.
- store (SRDC)

Stanbol Rules:
- Mgt. and storage of rules
- translation btwn KReS and SWRL etc.

Stanbol Ontology Manager:

  • Improved Registry API for bootstrapping ontology networks from external ontologies.
  • Support for offline management and portable ontology networks (dynamic scope naming)

Stanbol Reasoner(s):

  • Adapter API for different reasoners  Implementations for Jena RDFS/OWL reasoners and OWLApi based reasoners
  • Input can be file, url, Ontonet scope and session
  • Output can be stored in a triple store graph

CMS Adaptor:

  • Bidirectional mappings between external RDF data JCR/CMIS content repositories (update of content repository based on RDF and generating RDF from content repository)

Stanbol Reasoner(s):

  • Implementation of Long term operations (Jobs)
  • Input from triple store graph



& Lifting

Stanbol Enhancer
- Multilingual support
- Language detection
- Benchmarking support (bd)

Stanbol Entity Hub:
- RESTful API for CRUD
- Indexing utilities for out-of-the-box
- Installation support for referenced sites
- multiple query (SRFG/rw)

Stanbol Content Hub (NUXEO, SRDC)
- makes the connection btwn
  content and facts
- support for semantic search

Stanbol Enhancer
- entity tagging
- JSON-LD 1.0 serialization of enhancements

Stanbol EnitityHub:
- Hub as linked data end point

Stanbol Content Hub:
- Submission of text based content items together with optional metadata
- Faceted search over submitted content items
- Possibility to expand search context based on external ontology

Stanbol Enitity Hub:
Web based user interface


Stanbol FactStore:
- simple instance management of facts

Stanbol FactStore:
- storing of FactSchemas
- storing of Facts according to a FactSchema
- query for single Facts (no integration with EntityHub yet)

Stanbol FactStore:
- integration with EntityHub

Technical Board Minutes

Here we collect the minutes and status reports gathered during our technical board (TB) teleconferences that we do about every two weeks.