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Market validation of IKS and its components is a major task of the project. The major validation work is performed by the IKS industrial partners Nuxeo, Alkacon Software, Polymedia/KIT digital, Pisano, Day Software and Nemein. They face the challenges of being the first to attempt enhancing CMS with IKS semantic features. We also invite external CMS providers/suppliers to validate IKS results. On this page we provide a list of CMS vendors and organisations that have been invited to participate in the IKS early adopters programme. The early adopters are invited by the IKS team to integrate and validate various IKS components. 

It is IKS policy to host all development work and discussion in the public space unless otherwise agreed. We endeavour to ensure this spirit of openness also in the early adopters programme, however we respect the right of CMS providers to determine their own level of disclosure in regards to evaluation and validation of IKS component in their CMS platform. As a minimum all participants in the early adopters programme will be named by organisation along with the naming of the selected IKS modules for integration and validation.

CMS Vendors

Organisation Contact CMS Name / Type Contract Date Signed / Link Proposal Link / Name of IKS Component
QuinScape GmbH Andreas Kuckartz      OpenSAGA 4th August 2010 FISE OpenSAGA Integration
Gentics Haymo Meran Gentics Content.Node 5. 18 October 2010 Proposal
Goss Interactive Gary Ratcliffe GOSS iCM Commercial with Java, .NET and Cold Fusion delivery servers 18 October 2010 FISE validation proposal
Ximdex Juan Prieto Ximdex CMS 
Ximdex Proposal  

In Discussion

Oganisation Contact Proposal Comments / Next Steps
NexxaCon Stefan Vejda  

Jahia Stephane Croisier Proposal
Axinom Grigory Grin

Outerthought Bruno Dumon

Modera Sergei Lissovski

PAUX Technologies Michael Dreusicke Optimising Semantic Editing
Jadu Andy Perkins Proposal Revisit in October 2011
eZ Systems Paul Borgermans Working Proposal In progress
Sitecore Rudy van Herpt

OneHippo Ard Schrijvers Proposal in Process
1ntt Jarmo Snellman 1ntt Proposal

CMS Integrators

Organisation Contact CMS Platform Contract Signed Proposal/Components
Klein & Co Jens W. Klein Plone 26 July 2010 FISE Plone Integration
Zaizi Ltd Aingaran Pillai Alfresco 29 July 2010  FISE Alfresco Integration
SourceSense Tommaso Teofili Confluence + Alfresco 29 July 2010 FISE Confluence + Alfresco Integration
Punkt.netservices Martin Kaltenböck Drupal 18 October 2010 Drupal + FISE integration
evo42 communications Rene Kapusta Drupal 22 December 2010 IKS for Drupal
Beorn Technologies Olivier Bonnet-Torres Liferay
FISE Liferay Integration
Acuity Unlimited Martin Dow/Steve Bayliss Fedora
KRES Integration
Quadra Encolpe Degoute Plone
Apache Stanbol integration
Interact Andrea Volpini WordPress
Interact Apache Standbol integration
Logica Daniel Grolin

Apache Stanbol integration
Lunaria David Eccles Drupal
Apache Stanbol integration
InfoAxon Shubham Nagar Liferay-Alfresco-Pentaho
Netmühle Internet Agentur
Martin Mayrhofer

Object'Ive Frederic Noel

Ectware s.r.l
Alessandra Donnini

MakoLab SA
Mirek Sopek
Webnodes CMS

ShqiperiaCom Shpk
Armand Brahaj

DotNet Nuke CMS

Wolfgang Ziegler


CMS Tool Providers 

Organisation Contact   Tool    Contract Signed Proposal/Components
BeagleSoft Christoph Hoffmann

SalsaDev Stephane Gamard Salsadev 1st August 2010 FISE engine for Salsadev
SEWEBAR Andrej Hazucha Joomla!
SEWEBAR Proposal
Ooffee Florent Andre

WYMeditor Jean-Francois Hovinne

Liip AG Lukas Kahwe Smith Symfony2 PHP
Kendra Initiative Daniel Harris

CELI France SAS Luca Dini NLP Analysis Tools
Apache Stanbol
GzEvD Pablo Mendes DB Spotlight
DB Spotlight + Apache Stanbol integration
Anuj Kumar

Open Source Semantic Stack
Content Control Andreas Flack

VIE Integration
Rens Admirral Rens Admiral Typo3 Typo3 + VIE Integration
Sztakipedia Mihaly Heder UIMA Integration UIMA + Apache Stanbol Integration Adrian Gschwend Netlabs Apache Stanbol Integration
Buddycloud Simon Tennant Buddycloud Apache Stanbol Integration
Conatix David Lehrer Apache Stanbol Integration
Gnowsis Bernhard Schandl Refinder Apache Stanbol Integration
Manafactory Francesca Quaratino Twitstory Apache Stanbol Integration
Fluid Operations Peter Haase Information Workbench Apache Stanbol Integration

CMS End-User

Organisation Contact   Tool    Contract Signed Proposal/Components
Cytogenetics Labs
Maciej Sykulski
Web2py Framwork
World Heritage Organisation Yousef Elbes

SIMsKULTUR Walter Praszl Drupal 7

Software AG Clemens Forster Alfresco

MarkTheGlobe Matthias Zeitler Global SEO


IKS UX Contest Winners

Organisation Contact Contest Presentation Contract Update
Liip AG Loic Schüle Semantic Content Editor

InsideOut10 Andrea Volpini WordLift 2.0

Salsadev Nicolas Gamard Augumented Content Highligher & Extended Search box

Zaizi Aingaran Pillai Semantic Search Tool on Alfresco

KMI Open University Mathieu Daquin Personal Web Analytics as Semantically Enriched Web History