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IKS Mailing List Etiquette

Before you start posting on our mailing list, please consider the following general guidelines:

  • Discussions take place in English language only.
  • Discussions must be related to IKS, or to the topic of Semantic CMS in general.
  • Please observe the common rules of netiquette; communication should always be conducted in a courteous and friendly manner.
  • Please try to avoid sending HTML-encoded mail to the list, as the archives will be stored in plain text. All messages sent to the list will be posted on a public website.
  • Spam will not be tolerated.

If in doubt, please consult the Mailing List Etiquette FAQ for further advice or simply ask on our mailing list - you'll see that everyone on the list will be happy to be of help.


This is the public discussion list for IKS. On iks-community, we will discuss the future of IKS, plan collaboration around the platform, and organize the in person workshops.


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