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We will have a Hackathon along the IKS GAM in Salzburg end of November 2011. The GAM will take place on November 28-29.

Time Table

Mo 11-28
  • 9:00 - 12:45: Demo preparation, discussion ...
  • 13:30 - 18:00 Demo Session: Demonstration of all Demos to the whole IKS team. This will be input for both the GAM as well as the further days of the Hackathon.
20:00 Dinner at "Stieglbräu" Rainerstrasse 14 Get directions
Tu 11-29
  • 9:30 - 13:15 GAM (in parallel to the hackathon): So keep in mind that some people might need to attend the administrative meetings.
  • 9:00 - 12:30 Hackathon Kick-off in Holodeck (Second floor)
We 11-30
  • Hackathon in IKS offices (Second floor)
Th 12-01
  • Hackathon in IKS offices (Second floor)
Fr 12-02
  • Hackathon in IKS offices (Second floor)


Please register the demos as presented during the Demo Session (Mo 28-11 13:30-18:00)

Demo durations are for the demo only. There will be additional time for Questions/Answers (around 10min per Demo)


Apache Stanbol Integration & Use Cases - (total time: 63 min)

  1. Update on the Nuxeo integration + stanbol temis integration (7 min, Olivier)
  2. Proof of concept for a new Stanbol service idea: intent-based decoding in search box (7min, Olivier)
  3. Alkacon IKS Stack integration plan (7 min - Rudiger Kürz)
  4. Polymedia IKS Stack integration demo and plans ( 7 min - Fabio Cattaneo)
  5. Stanbol Sling VIE integration (7min - Reto)
  6. Pisano Tourism IKS integration (7 min - Alex Weiss)
  7. Software Engineering Use Case (7min - Benjamin Nagel)
  8. AmI Use Case Demo (7min - Wolfgang)
  9. Proggis controlling tool (7min - Henri)

Interaction Layer - (total time: 34 min)

  1. Annotate.js (7min - Szaby)
  2. VIE demos - (7min - Henri)
  3. VIE (20 min - Sebastian G, Massimo) - slides
    • VIE - What has changed in the last weeks/months?
    • VIE widgets
    • Google Chrome Extension on VIE basis terkait

Stanbol Rules, Ontologies and Reasoning + Support for Italian - (total time: 30 min)

  1. Lenses for DBpedia data filtering and (15min - Valentina)
  2. KRes Demo - Trust network creation and trust-based stream selection (15min - Alessandro&Alberto)

Semantic Lifing (total time: 35 min)

  1. Sentiment Analysis with IKS Stack (7min - Walter)
  2. NER+entity resolution+categorization for Italian language (7 min - Valentina)
  3. Enhancer (KeywordExtraction, Multilinguagl, Specific Vocabulary) - technical view (7min - Rupert)
  4. Enhancer (KeywordExtraction, Multilinguagl, Specific Vocabulary) - user view (7min - Andreas Gruber)
  5. Categorisation (7 min, Olivier)

Persistence Layer - (total time: 20 min)

  1. Stanbol Contenthub and CMS Adapter Demo (Anil, Suat), (20 min)
    • Populating Nuxeo with external ontology
    • Submission of Nuxeo documents to Contenthub
    • Search over the submitted documents

Stanbol LMF Integration - (total time: 20 min)

  1. Stanbol LMF integration -(Sebastian Schaffert, 20min)
    • Semantic Search
    • ORF demo


  • Sebastian Germesin (DFKI) Mon, 9am - Thu, 7pm
  • Massimo Romanelli (DFKI) Mon, 9am - Thu, 7pm
  • Andreas Gruber (SRFG) Mon, 9am - Fri, 7pm
  • Suat Gonul (SRDC) Mon, 9am - Thu, 7pm
  • Ali Anil Sinaci (SRDC) Mon, 9am - Thu, 7pm
  • Rupert Westenthaler (SRFG) Mon, 8am - Fr, 3pm
  • Dietmar Glachs (SRFG) Mon, 9am - 2pm; Tue - Fr all day
  • Gregor Engels (UPB) Mon, 1pm - Tue, 5pm
  • Stefan Sauer (UPB) Mon, 1pm - Tue, 5pm
  • Benjamin Nagel (UPB) Mon, 1pm - Tue, 5pm
  • Olivier Grisel (NUXEO) Mon - Fri
  • Reto Bachmann (Adobe) Mon - Fri ~12pm
  • Henri Bergius (Nemein) Mon ~12 - Thu ~16


This lists the topics for the Hackathon. Persons marked as bold are leading persons for a Topic. Additional listed persons are marked as related/interested in a specific topic.

If peoples agree on a fixed schedule feel free to add the meetup in the above table!


  • VIE widgets
    • Szabi Grünwald, Sebastian Germesin, Massimo Romanelli
  • Browser Extensions (Chrome, Firefox)
    • Sebastian Germesin, Massimo Romanelli
  • Video player annotations with VIE
    • Gianluigi Di Vito, Sebastian Germesin, Massimo Romanelli, Thomas Kurz

LMF/Stanbol integration

  • LDPath (formally RdfPathLanguage)
    • Sebastian Schaffert, Suat Gonul, Ali Anil Sinaci, Olivier Grisel, Jakob Frank, Rupert Westenthaler
  • LMF semantic search and Apache Contenthub
    • Ali Anil Sinaci, Suat Gonul, Sebastian Schaffert, Dietmar Glachs, Rupert Westenthaler
  • LDPath support for the Entityhub
    • Rupert Westenthaler
    • see STANBOL-408 to follow development of this.
  • Kiwi Rule Language/Engine and Stanbol Rules/Reasoning integration
    • Sebastian Schaffert, Alessandro Adamou, Alberto Musetti


  • Integration of IKS default ontology network for usage by VIE.
    • Alessandro Adamou
  • Topic Classification (Engine and Utilities)
    • Olivier Grisel, Rupert Westenthaler
    • Relation to the Classification feature of the CNR Wikifier

Documentation Workshop

Documentation of IKS (software, services, scenarios, showcases ...)

  • The idea is to do a half-day sprint on documentation with all participants on Wed or Thu, 9-12.
  • Implement the 1min, 5min, 30min docu approach
  • Provide documentation for cms-developers, stanbol/vie-developers and also some material for "end-users".
  • Accuracy and update process
  • Open issues:
    • 3 starting points (Stanbol, VIE, IKS web/wiki) ?
    • How to integrate with industrial / academic training materials and approach
    • Andreas Gruber, all others

TODO: It is definitely needed to make a fixed schedule for this Workshop in advance.