Industrial Validation Template

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Validation Questions
Don't know / n.a.
1. Do I understand what IKS <component> is?

2. Does IKS <component> add value to my product?

3. Is that added value demonstrable/sellable to my customers?

4. Can I run IKS <component> alongside with or inside my product?

5. Is the impact of IKS <component> on runtime infrastructure requirements acceptable?

6. How good is the IKS <component> API when it comes to integrating with my product?

7. Is IKS <component> robust and functional enough to be used in production at the enterprise level?

8. Is the IKS <component> test suite good enough as a functionality and non-regression "quality gate"?

9. Is the IKS <component> licence (both copyright and patents) acceptable to me?

10. Can I participate in IKS <component>'s development and influence it in a fair and balanced way?

11. Do I know who I should talk to for support and future development of IKS <component>?

12. Am I confident that IKS <component> still going to be available and maintained once the IKS funding period is over?

These 12 questions for industrial validation of IKS components have been developed by Bertrand Delacretaz in October 2010 (see his original post).