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Developing Semantic CMS Applications: The IKS Handbook

  • Editors: Wernher Behrendt and Violeta Damjanovic, Salzburg Research
  • Publisher: Salzburg Research, Salzburg, Austria
  • ISBN: 978-3-902448-35-4 (1st Edition. 124 p. 23 illus)
  • Year: March, 2013
  • Abstract: This book is intended for developers and CTOs who need to deal with Content Management Systems (CMS) and with any kind of "smart" applications that combine web-based information sources with some Information System that is being built or adapted, for their own organization or for a customer. The book summarizes the results of four years of collaborative technology development between CMS providers and research organizations in Europe, plus the input from 40 early adopter organizations, worldwide. The book does not give you academic depth: we have opted for enough detail for readers to understand the system and its components, and we have tried to satisfy the practitioner’s interest in IKS technology. The book has six sections: Initial concepts - to acquaint you with different notions of the term "semantics"; Knowledge Representation and examples of "Semantic Web" applications; Building Semantic Components and making them usable in a customer CMS Using Apache Stanbol and VIE as semantic components for real-world use; Showcases of IKS semantic technologies in use; IKS, Semantic Web, Linked Data, Artificial Intelligence – A critical appraisal. The book is based on several pieces of open source software, in particular: on Apache Stanbol, a set of "semantic engines" that help software developers to lift textual information to structured, computable representations; on the VIE libraries for connecting HTML5 based web interfaces with semantic engines, be they from Stanbol or from elsewhere; on other open source software such as Apache Tika, Apache Chemistry or jQuery. The IKS software is available under permissive licensing on Apache and on github.



  • CHAPTER 1: Initial Concepts
    • 1.1 Semantics in Linguistics, Computer Science and in Web Engineering
    • 1.2 Semantic Web: from Tim Berners Lee’s Vision to Today’s State of the ArT
    • 1.3 Linked Data
  • CHAPTER 2: Knowledge Representation Methods and Techniques
    • 2.1 Semantics and Content Management Systems
    • 2.2 Methodologies for Knowledge Modeling
    • 2.3 Semantic Technologies and Tools
    • 2.4 Semantic Web Success Stories
  • CHAPTER 3: IKS Methodology for Building Semantic Components into CMS
    • 3.1 High Level Requirements
    • 3.2 IKS Alpha: Refactoring CMS and Semantic Web Technology
    • 3.3 The IKS Reference Architecture
    • 3.4 The IKS Reference Implementation
  • CHAPTER 4: Apache Stanbol and VIE in a Semantic CMS Technology Stack
    • 4.1 Foundational Components of IKS
    • 4.2 Ambient Intelligence Components of IKS
  • CHAPTER 5: Showcases
    • 5.1 Showcasing Horizontal Applications of IKS
    • 5.2 Showcasing Vertical Applications of IKS
  • CHAPTER 6: Beyond CMS with semantic extensions
    • 6.1 The Roaring Success of Semantic Web Technologies
    • 6.2 The Dismal Failure of Semantic Web Research
    • 6.3 A Pragmatist’s View on Semantic Technologies in Web Content Management
    • 6.4 What’s Next?
  • References