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Location: Salzburg Research

Date: August, 29-31, 2001

Participants: Alessandro Adamou (CNR), Alberto Musetti (CNR), Henri Bergius (Nemein), Sebastian Germesin (DFKI), Szaby Grünwald (SRFG), Rupert Westenthaler (SRFG), Andreas Gruber (SRFG), Wernher Behrendt (SRFG), Sebastian Schaffert (SRFG).

Topics / Minutes

Stanbol Reasoner implementation and LMF integration, 29/08/2011

Stanbol Reasoners services API is currently being overhauled in a separate Stanbol branch. This will replace the reasoners modules in the ASF trunk. (Stanbol Jena-reasoners branch)

Alessandro presents the new reasoner services API and discusses with Sebastian S. possible integration with the LMF reasoner. Issues are that the LMF reasoner works as incremental reasoner on top of persisted triples, not on graphs such as Clerezza. Sebastian S. presents the main mechanisms of the LMF reasoner component.

Use cases for reasoning in Stanbol e.g. reasoning sessions such as

  1. analyse text --> extract "typed" entities --> apply reasoning on the entire enhancement graph to get "enrichments", explainations ...
  2. CMS Adapter extracts knowledge from repository --> adapter provides first node mapping to RDF --> reasoning could be used to create proper ontologies, e.g. a skos thesaurus
  3. linked data validation

ToDo / Action points:

  1. Wrap LMF as Stanbol OSGI bundle, so that everybody can use its services (Sebastian Schaffert, Mid September 2011)
  2. Adapt the reasoner API according  to the use cases and the needs of both, the LMF and other reasoning approaches (Alessandro, Enrico, Beginning October)
  3. Integrate reasoner API with the LMF reasoner component (Sebastian S., Alessandro, Enrico, November 2011

How to deal with schema, ontology and rules in frontend (VIE)? 29/08/2011

Move existing mappings from VIE-2 into the Stanbol Rules, Ontonet? Which ontologies to use

  • Use schema.org as the internal model representation for VIE frontend, but be aware, that this do not cover all cases
  • Note the extension policy of schema.org: http://www.schema.org/docs/extension.html
  • The question is where to put the mappings - into the frontend or in Stanbol?
    • Use the stanbol.ontonet and stanbol.rules facility for it?
    • Use the jquery rules for doing this on the clients side?
  • demonstrate the front end as convincingly as jqueryui.com/demos/...
  • Implementation choices:
  1. Put recipes on top of entityhub because VIE queries the entityhub in order to get the entities and its properties ?
  2. Write a (postprocessing) enhancement engine ?

Links: DBPedia/Schema.org mapping: [1]

Consolidate VIE and VIE-2 widgets driven by user stories (30/08/2011 - 31/08/2011)

Henri, Szaby, Sebastian G. and Alberto


  • merge features from manual annotation and automatic annotation (with Stanbol support)

What I (Andres G.) would want to tell early adopters what they might get from the IKS frontend:

  1. mixed (pull, new, search) annotation and suggestion selection from backend (stanbol enhancer/entityhub)
  2. proper text annotation support for schema.org with RDFa and micro-data
  3. configurable 100% automatic annotation with RDFa and micro-data
  4. local creation and storage of new entities in stanbol entityhub
  5. support for creation of patterns/sentences with arbitrary (domain) ontologies
  6. dedicated UI support for SKOS vocabularies



The integrated architecture for creating widgets for interaction support, developed in discussions by Henri Bergius, Sebastian Germesin and Szaby Grünwald.

Zart: a DSL for  for managing (structured) information on a web page

Henri, Sebastian G. and Szaby are working on this new library to get the main features at one place, not distributed in VIE and VIE2 ... Zart

Checkout the https://github.com/IKS/zart.js/blob/master/api-examples.coffee to learn, what this is about ...

Agreements/ Action points

  1. Move existing functionalities from VIE and VIE^2 into the Zart library (this week)
  2. Rename Zart back into VIE and put it onto http://github.com/bergie/VIE without breaking the existing VIE version.
  3. Work on porting existing widgets according to the architecture above.
  4. Work on creating new widgets - wishlist and implementation plans at: http://wiki.iks-project.eu/index.php/VIE/Widgets

Create a Stanbol Enhancement Engine for Stituations (30/08/2011 - 31/08/2011)

Rupert, Alessandro and Wernher

They worked on creating a new enhancement engine for Stanbol, which aims at detecting "verbs" from natural language with the help of an OpenNLP part of speech tagger in different languages.

Then, on the basis of a word list provided by http://www-csli.stanford.edu/~arunm/IBMresults.csv one may infer situation patterns around noun phrases and entities detected. The idea is in the first place, to tag texts with settings (a group of entities (optionally with THETA-Roles) together with the detected verb). On top of this, one may implement faceted search. Examples searches <organisation> buy <products> instantiated by <Deutsche Bank> buy <iPad>.

Action points

  1. Rupert will use the current implementation of the Taxonomy Linking Engine (should be ready in two weeks)
  2. Alessandro will create the metamodel for settings data and both will add an setting annotation linked to the existing annotation structure.
  3. A first prototype could be available by end of September 2011