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This page, initially intended to provide custom built enhancement engines for classification and information retrieval for FISE goes a bit beyond.

We integrate our categorization engine as a FISE enhancement engine (cf proposal), and given the code quality and community support/responsiveness we largely integrated FISE components into our own engines.

Integrating FISE allowed us to concentrate on our core competencies while delivering state of the art software. We've refactored and redesigned major parts of our own software stack while taking into account engine pattern-designs, content-enhancement and chaining methods developed within the FISE project.



We managed to supply our categorization engine as a FISE enhancement engine while keeping the flexibility and ease of use of salsaDev's categorization scheme intact. While not a RDF-based company, the support of the community has been very helpful in delivering namespace that fits the salsaDev's categorization rdf-less schema.

We also managed to replicate the content/engine pattern design from FISE into our own software stack. While our architecture is does not run on OSGI we've still be able to leverage the chaining, separation of concerns and specialization introduced in FISE for semantic analysis.

As a conclusion we can now both run our categorization engine within FISE, or embed dedicated FISE engines into our stack.

Lessons Learned

There are multiple lesson learned from the early-adopter FISE project both at "software design" and "semantic meaning" level. The main lesson though is pretty straight forward:

despite all beliefs there are no common/standard conception of what defines classification & information-retrieval.

The FISE project - and its Stanbol software initiative - is a step forward in semantic lingo/application standardization while maintaining a high level of agility.

Fise makes it possible to seamlessly mix different technologies together while leverage each engines to its full extent!

Software components used

  • Apache Stanbol Enhancer
  • Glassfish Application Server

Follow-up interview and discussion

Industrial Validation Metrics

Validation Questions Yes / StronglyAgree Agree Disagree No / StronglyDisagree Don't know / n.a. Comments
Do I understand what IKS FISE is? X
Does IKS FISE add value to my product? X
Is that added value demonstrable/sellable to my customers? X Mainly an added value for integrators in our case
Can I run IKS FISE alongside with or inside my product? X Surprisingly more than expected
Is the impact of IKS FISE on runtime infrastructure requirements acceptable? X We are not running FISE on an OSGI platform.
How good is the IKS FISE API when it comes to integrating with my product? X Supplier rather than user
Is IKS FISE robust and functional enough to be used in production at the enterprise level? X
Is the IKS FISE test suite good enough as a functionality and non-regression "quality gate"? X
Is the IKS FISE licence (both copyright and patents) acceptable to me? X
Can I participate in IKS FISE's development and influence it in a fair and balanced way? X
Do I know who I should talk to for support and future development of IKS FISE? X
Am I confident that IKS FISE still going to be available and maintained once the IKS funding period is over? X
Does IKS help in retrieving relevant information fast and efficiently for decision making / to solve problems? X
Does IKS help in creation of business relevant information that can be shared fast and efficiently / making implicit knowledge explicit to increase competitive advantage? X
Does IKS help managing the business processes to increase the flexibility for changing customer needs or processes? X
Does IKS help to increase contacts with potential customers to aquire new customers or to increase customers loyality? X
Does IKS help in selling complex products, which require individual, fast and efficient configuration? X
Does IKS help in communication of events to attract new customers and to inform/take care of existing ones? X
Does IKS help establishing personalized customer relationship management? X