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The next FISE hackathon will take place during the IKS General Assembly, May 25th (from 2PM) to 27th noon or mid-afternoon.

The main goal is to enhance FISE to support LATCH queries, to demonstrate the full cycle of content enhancement and semantic queries, based on search plug-ins.

We might also work on a semantic content editor, if there are enough participants to setup a separate team for that.

Other activities and discussions are possible of course, but as with the last FISE hackathon we want to focus on the main goal in order to demonstrate it with working prototype software, and setup an aggressive schedule to meet this goal.

Interested IKS community members are welcome to join, please contact John Pereira (john.pereira at, IKS's community manager, for details. Space is limited, first-come first-served.

Remote participation via IRC (#iks on freenode) is welcome as well, we'll do our best to include remote participants via skype etc. as needed.