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FISE birthday flip chart

FISE is the Furtwangen IKS Semantic Engine, created during the IKS Semantic Engine Hackathon in March 2010. It implements a simple OSGi-based RESTful engine that can enhance textual content, using pluggable enhancement engines.

FISE is now part of the Apache Stanbol project where we will commit most of our IKS related code.

We're moving!

Development of FISE and related modules is moving to the Apache Stanbol project, currently in incubation at - see you there!


The name "FISE" is pronounced like an aussie would say "phase" (audio file contributions from aussies are welcome, maeït ;-)

Communication channels

Online Demo

  • Online FISE Demo - Provides 4 HTTP entry points engines, store, sparql, and system console.
Screenshot of FISE web application

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