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IKS Facts

Duration: January 2009 - December 2012

Project Website: www.iks-project.eu

EC Grant: € 6.580.000

What is IKS?

IKS is an integrating project targeted at the hundreds of SMEs in Europe, which are providing technology platforms for content and knowledge management to thousands of end user organisations. Downstream, hundred-thousands of corporate end users and millions of content consumers are affected by the quality of service provided through these platforms. The majority of these platforms lack the capability for making use of semantic web enabled, intelligent content, and therefore, lack the capacity for users to interact with the content at the user‘s knowledge level! The major technological result of the project will be the “Interactive Knowledge Stack“, a layered set of software components and specifications which will make traditional content management platforms capable of dealing with the future “Semantic Web“.

Who is IKS?

IKS is developed by a consortium of seven research partners and six industrial partners who use open source content management technology for their CMS and KMS frameworks:

How is IKS funded?

The European Commission has provided a 6,580,000EUR grant for IKS.

Can I help/join?

IKS invites all stakeholders to work towards bringing European CMS/KMS providers to the leading edge of innovation in knowledge technologies, for the benefit of all users. If you are interested in taking part in the IKS initiative then please contact us.