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CONTENT CONTROL is one of the leading contributors to the open source MidCOM PHP web application framework. We plan to add a VIE/CreateJS-based editing interface and the necessary infrastructure for automatically generating and rendering RDFa annotations from existing DB schemas.


Ideally, the system should be fully automated, so that site and application builders will get RDFa-compatible markup without any extra effort, which will make them more useful in the semantic web context. The library handling these tasks will be created in a modular fashion and released under a Free Software licence, so that it's possible to write backends for other content management frameworks. At the same time, the annotations, combined with the necessary access rights, will provide  automatic inline editing capabilities, making their websites behave in line with Tim Berners-Lee's read/write web vision.


The modal nature of the typical CMS/web application interfaces (one page for viewing, another for editing) is quite counterintuitive and often leads in the case of content management to endless repetitions of edit – view – edit again cycles. With VIE and the associated libraries, we want to create an interface which allows users to stay focused on their task by avoiding to constant switching between view and edit states. So the benefit to end users will be a more usable, intuitive editing interface, which at the same time produces markup that is much more machine-readable, so that integrations and SEO can be done more easily.


Our preliminary tests have shown that while VIE/CreateJS shows great promise and users react quite positively to it, it is still missing some important features for use in real-world applications (like hooks for integrating with other JS libraries, some commonly-needed widgets and so on). On the basis of two website projects, we will gather feedback from actual end users to see where the strengths and weaknesses of the VIE-based system are, and implement improvements where possible.


  • Start of contract: 01 May 2012
  • Components for validation are: VIE/CreateJS
  • Demo system will be available: 01 July 2012
  • End of contract: 12 July 2012
  • Total Contract: 7000 Euro

Planned Tasks

Creation of a data management library that can

  • parse (DB) schemas
  • render entities with (configurable) RDFa annotations
  • initialize the CreateJS-based management UI
  • provide a REST backend for data received from backbone.js

CreateJS-based frontend that can

  • handle all content types in the sample projects
  • provide integration with the framework functionality

Online Demo

A public online demo will be provided


The open source MidCOM framework has quite a long history and there are all kinds of production systems running on it, ranging from enterprise-level web applications to portals to CMS websites. For all of them, CreateJS would become a natural upgrade path, meaning that they would start generating semantic markup. In addition to that, we want to make the schema parser/RDFa renderer library modular and extensible, so that it can be reused in other PHP-based frameworks as well.