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The IKS Community is formed by those companies and individuals who express their interest in contributing to the IKS project and who subsequently do contribute to the project in one of the ways defined in the IKS Community Agreement. The IKS Community acts as stakeholder and communal contributor to the development of IKS specifications, methodology and any implementations of the Interactive Knowledge Stack. The contributions of members of the IKS Community are regulated by the IKS Community Policies. The Community Policies consists of the following parts:

  • Contribution Assignment: The agreement used by contributors to share copyright on their contributions with Salzburg Research. The agreement also covers some key patent issues. The agreement is supported with an FAQ for contributors.
  • Licensing for Content: Adoption of Creative Commons Attribution licence for most of the content that the project produces.
  • Licensing for Software: IKS project has adopted the New BSD licence for all software code contributed to the project.
  • Privacy Policy for Websites: This document tells site visitors how the IKS project collects and uses the data that the IKS websites gather from them. 
  • Legal Disclaimer and Limitations for the Websites: This document tells visitors what risks they may encounter on the IKS websites, notes that Salzburg Research and the IKS participants accept as little liability as possible for risks encountered.
  • Site Licensing Policy: This document outlines what content is and is not licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution Licence and what terms contributors to the website must licence their contributions.