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IKS Benchmarks - developing semantic challenges for CMS

The benchmarking exercise is another way of deriving requirements for future CMSs. By posing "semantic" challenges we try to identify business needs for which traditional technologies in CMS offer little support.

We are trying to derive the benchmarks from the perspective of business needs of those organisations who use CMS to support their core business. The benchmarking attempts to provide a unified model which combines business needs, software engineering quality and semantic capability. The latter is difficult to grasp because the semantic web community itself has not yet discovered content management yet, as a serious application field (or so it seems, to us, at least).

Perform Experimental Tasks - Procedure

1.) Read the experimental tasks (see below) and choose their order according to your priorities. You needn´t do all tasks (but the more the better).

2.) Perform the task as explained in the corresponding task description.

3.) Send back the filled document to Benjamin Nagel and Wernher Behrendt.

4.) Repeat steps 2.) and 3.) for each task.

5.) Any Questions? We have designated a contact person for each task (see task description document). If you have any others questions (e.g. regarding the general procedure) please do not hesitate to ask.

Semantic Benchmark Experiment

Design of the Semantic Benchmark Experiment

IKS Benchmark Exercises - How-To

The IKS Benchmark Exercises by example: "Semantic Search"

Experimental Tasks

Industrial Validation