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  • Specifying requirements for semantic CMS


  • In this lesson, requirement elicitation process to enhance any content management system semantically will be taught. In very high level, main concepts needed to provide this enhancement are determined as high level requirements and these high level requirements will be explained with the justification of necessity to provide semantic services on top of content management systems.

Structure of Contents
Traditional CMS vs Semantic CMS
Requirements specification process
High level requirements:

  • Architecture and integration
  • Common vocabulary
  • Semantic lifting & tagging
  • Semantic search & semantic query
  • Reasoning on content items
  • Links/relations among content items
  • Workflows
  • Change management, versions and audit
  • Multilingualism
  • Security

Previous Knowledge and Requirements

  • General knowledge about content management systems
  • General knowledge about semantic data
  • General knowledge about requirement analysis in scope of software engineering

Educational Objectives

  • Know-how on requirement elicitation process in a software project
  • Knowledge on semantic concepts such as semantic lifting, reasoning, etc.

Contents of examination

  • Assessment of comprehension of the requirements of a semantically enabled content management system

Organization, Media

  • Lecture with powerpoint slides


  • Deliverable produced in the scope of Task2.2 of IKS Project


  • Number of lectures: 1
  • Number of exercises: 1