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  • Semantifying your CMS


  • In this lesson, how an existing content management system can benefit from the services developed in the scope of Interactive Knowledge Stack project that to be capable of dealing with semantic data is described. In general, the lesson will contain the methodology to express formally the implicit semantics that is formed by the content management system users while defining the content items and their properties.

Structure of Contents

Structure of content management systems

  • Analysis of JCR and CMIS specifications
  • Generic content model to cover all content management systems
  • Example: Express content items in generic content model

Mapping between content management systems and ontology

  • Ontology alignment
  • Bridge definitions:
  • Concept bridge
  • Instance bridge
  • Subsumption bridge
  • Property bridge

Backend knowledge-base for content management systems
Usage examples of formally expressed semantics of content management systems:

  • Search example using ontology alignment
  • SPARQL example to query the generated ontology which is produced after processing the bridge definitions.

Previous Knowledge and Requirements

  • General knowledge about content management systems
  • Basic knowledge about vocabularies such as OWL and RDFS
  • Knowledge on SPARQL

Educational Objectives

  • Knowledge about structure of content management systems
  • Knowledge about specifications (JCR, CMIS) that allows uniform accessing to content management systems
  • Practice on querying data from triple stores using SPARQL

Contents of examination

  • RDF data access by SPARQL

Organization, Media

  • Lecture with powerpoint slides
  • Demo of CMS Adapter component of Apache Stanbol



  • Number of lectures: 1