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  • Semantic Lifting of Traditional Content Resources


  • The concept and role of semantic lifting will be explicated with respect to semantic reengineering of structured content and with respect to semantic enhancements of content. An overview of standards and technologies will be presented.

Structure of Contents

  • Introduction: What is semantic lifting?
  • Semantic reengineering
  • Semantic enhancement
  • Major tasks/requirements and scenarios for semantic lifting
  • Publishing content with semantic information with focus on web content: Introduction of standards like microformats and RDFa
  • Extracting semantic metadata from published content
  • Technologies for automatic semantic reengineering
  • Technologies for information extraction and automated semantic enhancements of textual content


  • 1. Metadata Variants
  • 2. Annotated Web Content
  • 3. Reengineering
  • 4. NER Evaluation
  • 5. Lifting Workflow

Previous Knowledge and Requirements

  • Knowledge of RDF/OWL as Knowledge Representation Framework
  • General understanding of the Semantic Web
  • General knowledge about information systems and CMS

Educational Objectives

  • Knowledge of semantic metadata standards on the Web
  • Knowledge of the use of semantic information on the Web
  • Overview knowledge of technologies for automatic semantic annotation of content

Contents of examination

  • What is semantic lifting?
  • What technologies exist for semantic lifting?
  • Metadata standards for publishing semantic information on the web: Microformats/RDFa
  • Use of semantic information on the Web

Organization, Media

  • Lecture with slides; Stanbol Demos: Metaxa, NER, OpenCalais, …



  • Number of lectures: 1