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  • Semantic Data Access


  • In this lesson, varied methods for semantic data access will be presented. These methods are mainly composed of accessing semantic data stored in a triple store and accessing semantic data stored in various places and connected each other through URI links (linked data). Based on these two main concepts, this lesson introduces triple stores and some main semantic data formats like RDF and OWL. For querying semantic data SPARQL query language is also explained in the scope of this lesson. Furthermore, how custom applications are has been used over linked data or triple stores will be illustrated.

Structure of Contents
Introduction to semantic data

  • Concept definitions about semantic data

Representation of semantic data

  • Semantic data formats

Querying semantic data

  • SPARQL query language

Triple stores

  • Overview about triple stores
  • Example triple stores and access mechanisms

Linked data

  • Open Link Data Cloud
  • Accessing the data in the cloud
  • Example semantic data applications

Previous Knowledge and Requirements

  • Basic Knowledge of RDF

Educational Objectives

  • Knowledge about general concepts of semantic data and semantic web
  • Knowledge about semantic data representation
  • Know-how on current triples stores and accessing data within them
  • Knowledge on Linked Data Cloud and ability to query information from the cloud

Contents of examination

  • RDF data access by SPARQL or other formats such as Notation 3

Organization, Media

  • Lecture with powerpoint slides
  • Demo of Store component of Apache Stanbol
  • Two exercises of:
  • Semantic data access using Jena
  • Semantic data access from linked data cloud using sparql


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  • Number of lectures: 1
  • Number of exercises: 1