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  • Reference Architecture


  • In this lesson, a reference architecture for semantic content management systems is introduced. Addressing the domain specific needs of CMS with respect to the provision of semantic functionalities the different layer of the architecture are introduced. Using different levels of abstraction, the layers are decomposed to modules and components providing capsulated functionality. In addition to the reference architecture as a solution, methodologies for designing reference architectures for specific domains.

Structure of Contents

  • What are reference architectures? How can they be described?
  • Motivate the need for a reference architecture for semantic CMS. What are the characteristics of semantic CMS that make it necessary or desirable to design such a reference architecture.
  • Present high-level functionalities (e.g. semantic lifting, reasoning, ..) and their consideration and integration in different layers of the architecture
  • Refine layers and provide detailed descriptions of modules and components
  • Summarize and reflect what needs to be done to define a reference architecture and introduce the methodology for architectural design and refinement
  • Introduce exemplary implementation of the reference architecture (vertical use - Software engineering // Stanbol)

Previous Knowledge and Requirements

  • A detailed knowledge about CMS in general and the characteristics and capabilities of semantic CMS.
  • Foundations of software engineering and an understanding of the objectives of software architectures in the engineering process
  • Basic understanding of architecture description languages and the most popular graphical notations (UML)

Educational Objectives
Imparting of knowledge about reference architectures in general

  • What are reference architectures and what are the actual values of domain-specific reference architectures?
  • What are appropriate notations for describing reference architectures.

Imparting of knowledge about reference architectures in the domain of semantic CMS

  • In which way does the presented reference architecture support the development of semantic CMS?

Contents of examination

  • Components of the reference architecture and differences to ―traditional‖ CMS archi-tectures

Organization, Media

  • Lecture with Powerpoint slides


  • Fabian Christ, Benjamin Nagel: A Reference Architecture for Semantic Content Man-agement Systems. In M. Nüttgens, O. Thomas, B. Weber (eds.): Proceeding of the Enterprise Modelling and Information Systems Architectures Workshop 2011 (EMISA’11), Hamburg (Germany). GI, LNI, vol. P-190, pp. 135-148 (2011)


  • Number of Lectures: 1