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  • Ontologies, ontology design, transformation, and refactoring


  • This module focuses on three main aspects: (i) presenting a number of existing ontologies such as DOLCE, FOAF, SKOS, and ontology design patterns, (ii) showing how to design ontologies by reusing existing resources and transforming them, (iii) showing how to use ontologies in CMS applications e.g for semantic mash-up.

Structure of Contents

  • Analysis of existing ontologies and their usage on Linked data
  • Ontology design patterns
  • Ontology design based on patterns, and refactoring of ontologies through Semion rules
  • Using ontologies for building semantic applications based on IKS.

Previous Knowledge and Requirements

  • Knowledge on RDF, OWL2, and ontology editors
  • Knowledge on SPARQL

Educational Objectives

  • Providing students with the capability of designing ontologies, writing transformation rules, and developing semantic applications for CMS based IKS technologies.

Contents of examination

  • Interactive exercise: assessment of knowledge about popular ontologies, capability to design an ontology, capability to write transformation rules, knowledge about IKS services for managing ontologies and rules.

Organization, Media

  • Lecture with slides and tool demos (rules, and ontonet related demos)


  • Steffen Staab, and Rudi Studer (Eds.). Handbook on Ontologies, 2nd Edition. 2009, XIX, 811 p. 121 illus.
  • Valentina Presutti, and Aldo Gangemi. Content Ontology Design Patterns as Practical Building Blocks for Web Ontologies. In ER, Vol. 5231 Springer (2008), p. 128-141.
  • Andrea Giovanni Nuzzolese, Aldo Gangemi, Valentina Presutti, and Paolo Ciancarini. Semion: a smart triplification tool. In Proceedings of the 1st Workshop on Knowledge Injection into and Extraction from Linked Data (KIELD 2010), CEUR.
  • IKS deliverables of Task 5.2


  • Number of Lectures: 1