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  • Knowledge Interaction and Presentation


  • The lesson will give an overview on current standards and technologies for semantic based interaction and presentation of content. In the lesson the audience will be guided through application possibilities and interaction patterns in the context of CMS systems. The IKS related work in the field will be presented and a short introduction to IKS tools will be offered in form of tutorials.

Structure of Contents

  • Semantic Web: Interaction with Content
  • Standards (RDF, RDFa, JSON-LD, …)

Semantic Interaction Patterns

  • What are patterns?
  • List of patterns

Applications and Implementations

Previous Knowledge and Requirements

  • Knowledge about basic technologies (HTML5, JavaScript, RDFa)
  • Basics on CMS workflow

Educational Objectives

  • Knowledge about state of the art technologies in the field of interaction with web content
  • Techniques for embedding interaction with knowledge content on web application
  • Ability to work with IKS tool concerning interaction with knowledge and content

Contents of examination

  • See educational objectives

Organization, Media

  • Slides
  • Online Demo


  • RDFa in XHTML: Syntax and Processing, W3C Recommendation, October 18, 2008, Ben Adida, Mark Birbeck, Shane McCarron, Steven Pemberton, eds.
  • RDFa Primer, W3C Working Group Note, October 14, 2008, Ben Adida, Mark Birbeck, eds.
  • RDFa API, W3C Working Draft 19 April 2011, Nathan Rixham, Mark Birbeck, Ivan Herman
  • JSON-LD (JavaScript Object Notation for Linked Data)
  • VIE — Vienna IKS Editables


  • 1 Lecture
  • 1 Exercise
  • 1 Tutorial