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The Drupal Plugin is installed on http://gov.opendata.at/site/ . Take a look at the documentation for Screenshots and usability.


File:Drupal-IKSDrupalModul-22Mar11-0427PM-634 (1).pdf


Lessons learned

Installation was very straight forward as described on the Apache Stanbol site. SVN checkout, mvn clean, mvn install. After that the only point to research was which jar to execute but this was also a very minor problem

Software components used

  1. FISE (Apache Stanbol)
  2. Drupal
  3. Drupal Tagging Module

Industrial Validation Metrics

Validation Questions
Yes / Strongly
No / Strongly
Don't know / n.a.
Do I understand what IKS FISE is?

Does IKS FISE add value to my product?

Is that added value demonstrable/sellable to my customers?


Can I run IKS FISE alongside with or inside my product?


Is the impact of IKS FISE on runtime infrastructure requirements acceptable?


How good is the IKS FISE API when it comes to integrating with my product?

Is IKS FISE robust and functional enough to be used in production at the enterprise level?


Although very stable and performant core - some enhancement engines (geonames) are very slow or sometimes defect. That is not IKS FISE specific but it should be handled better (how?) differently to have an overall good performance.
Is the IKS FISE test suite good enough as a functionality and non-regression "quality gate"?

Is the IKS FISE licence (both copyright and patents) acceptable to me?


Which patents do it have?

It is not easy to find information about FISE license and patents on the IKS / FISE webpages - it is easy to find out that it is open source - but to find out what license it is using is difficult!

Can I participate in IKS FISE's development and influence it in a fair and balanced way?


Do I know who I should talk to for support and future development of IKS FISE?


Am I confident that IKS FISE still going to be available and maintained once the IKS funding period is over?

X I hope so
Does IKS help in retrieving relevant information fast and efficiently for decision making / to solve problems?


Does IKS help in creation of business relevant information that can be shared fast and efficiently / making implicit knowledge explicit to increase competitive advantage?


As implementing FISE in Drupal as an early adopter partner of IKS I do think so! There are additional / similar modules for Drupal available - the advantige of FISE is the flexibility
Does IKS help managing the business processes to increase the flexibility for changing customer needs or processes?


Does IKS help to increase contacts with potential customers to aquire new customers or to increase customers loyality?


Hopefully - the potential is there - but we need to find out in real world!
Does IKS help in selling complex products, which require individual, fast and efficient configuration?


Does IKS help in communication of events to attract new customers and to inform/take care of existing ones?


Did not have this experience so far.
Does IKS help establishing personalized customer relationship management?


Follow-up interview and discussion

An interview has been accomplished via a skype call on 22 March 2011 discussing the FISE-Drupal implementation in the area of tag recommendation. The results should be available via the IKS team.

Furthermore a screencast on the FISE implementation in Drupal for tagging and tag recommendation has been produced by punkt. netServices and will be published by the IKS team.

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