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TB Telco Minutes 2012-01-11

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  • Ali Anil
  • Suat
  • Massimo
  • Olivier
  • Rupert
  • Fabian

3P Reports



  • API documentation with code samples for the following files: Util.js, Attribute.js, Type.js, Able.js, Namespace.js, VIE.js, DBPediaService.js, StanbolService.js
  • several smaller bugfixes in the Stanbol and DBpedia service
  • pointers from the VIE domain to code and documentation

Problems: None


  • work on documentation
  • finalizing work on VIE (robustness and cleaning code)

From Reto

To the Stanbol relase Status: I've asked for a vote on clerezza
release. No negative feedback till now but not enough binding +1 votes

From Suat


  • Modifying search API so that it will expose directly Solrj API
  • Integrating LDPath with the storage and search functionalities of Contenthub
  • Separating the related keyword suggestion functionalities from the actual search process

Problems: None


  • Finish the works listed in Progress for the Stanbol release.
  • Improve the documentation for CMS Adapter and Contenthub

From Olivier


  • trainable topic classification service STANBOL-197: incremental training works as expected in the tests

Problems: None


  • measure the quality of the trained classifier model
  • finish the engine integration (RDF annotations for the suggestions)
  • work on shipping a prefconfigured dataset

From Fabian


  • 'mvn install -Prat' produces a RAT report for the whole Stanbol project
  • Added a new source release assembly for the whole Stanbol stack
  • Reviewed and updated documentation

Problems: None


  • Work on documentation
  • Release Stanbol 0.9

From Rupert



  • No feedback on CLEREZZA-670
  • Need feedback for the Specification mentioned above.


  • Implementation of Enhancement Chains, async. enhancement Process.
  • Integration of annotate.js in create.js
  • Extensions to the stanbol connector of VIE with support for LDPath, Chains, async enhancements …

Online Minutes

[14:06:23] Fabian Christ: raise issue CLEREZZA-670 on the mailing list as it blocks Stanbol / JavaScript clients consuming RDF-JSON
[14:12:51] Fabian Christ: http://stanbol.staging.apache.org/stanbol/docs/trunk/enhancer/STANBOL-414-specification.html
[14:14:46] Fabian Christ: Ruperts reports on the create.js hackathon
[14:18:36] Fabian Christ: Enhancement chain spec should be in Stanbol 0.9 release

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